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The BIG Topic: Print

The digital landscape has consumed us, and we discussed the ever-evolving world of virtual in our last blog series. So, for this series, we decided to go back and explore the world of print.

Did you miss our blogs last quarter? If so, here is a wrap up of our Print series in one simple, easy-to-read post.

1. A Brief History of Print Media

In this blog, we briefly explored the history of print media to help people understand how print marketing helped shape advertising and digital marketing today.

Early print media goes back as far as the 1400s, and even further if you count the first book printed in China in 868 AD. We then looked at the golden age of print media, which started in 1841, when adverts appeared in publications for the very first time.

Over the years, print has fallen into the background, but it will never die out. It is still a very credible and effective form of marketing that has played a large role in shaping the way we market ourselves today.

Read the full blog here.

2. The Importance of Print Marketing

Print marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing and in this blog, we explore why and discuss its importance even in a world dominated by social media and technology.

There are several types of print marketing, including direct mail, brochures, point of purchase, business cards and print advertising. Print marketing benefits businesses in many ways and a few of those benefits include increasing brand awareness, enhancing customer loyalty, and increasing your audience reach.

For more information, read the blog here.

3. Tops Secrets to Creating High-Quality Prints for Marketing

We put together some top tips on how to create high-quality prints for your business. We discussed how to create high-quality images, the best type of paper and printing processes to use, how to embed fonts, colour codes and more.

Print marketing materials act as tangible objects that your customers will likely keep and value in the long run, especially if they meet their quality standards!

Check out the full blog here.

4. A Guide to Print Marketing

In our guide to print marketing, we cover everything you need to know about the who, what, when, where, why and how of print marketing.

There are many methods to print marketing, each with their own effects and results. So, it’s important to understand all of the options.

You can find out more by reading the full blog here.

5. 10 Pro Tips for Poster Design

People value print, and one of the best print marketing methods to attract customers is with physical posters. In this blog, we put together ten pro tips for poster design, with the best tools to use to help you create a poster that’s in line with your brand.

Creating eye-catching posters will help your business broaden its reach, generate more leads and ensure you speak directly to your audience offline.

Read more here.

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