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Accurately target your consumers

Knowing your target audience is a vital step for creating effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns

Target your consumer more accurately.

Whether you are a large multi-national corporation or a small independent, demographics can give you a head start in understanding your market. Knowing who make up your target audience is the first step for creating highly effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, and for responding to changes in consumer demand. Demographics data allows you to segment your customers by individual characteristics and variables, such as; age group, gender, occupation, location and a whole lot more.

How demographics help to inform planning aspects of your business:

Business planning

When determining business revenue, you need to know who your hoping to serve, to ensure that your products and services meet their needs.

Market research

Identifying your target market helps develop successful marketing communication strategies.

Image building

By knowing who your target audience is, you can develop your company’s logo, imagery and general presence to best appeal to your customer base.

Media use

It is important to know what platforms and media outlets your target market use to know where to pitch your coverage.

Our approach to audience segmentation

Through our Experian online service and CACI ACORN profiling services, we can get a rich and detailed picture about the people that live in an area. Mosaic provides real-world insight representing real customers. It is accurate, customisable, actionable, rich, and dynamic across all channels.

Bigwave have worked with Experian for several years and hold full license to use this data to help improve marketing and business intelligence. We also work with CACI and partners to utilise ACORN profiles – mapping consumers against ACORN types and groups to enable marketing to be more personalised and targeted.

Take the next step to grow your business

We work hard to understand and get to know your local market, demographic, and challenges.

To fully understand local impact and knowledge, Bigwave work collaboratively with your team to ensure we are able to fully include all potential target groups and audiences. In conjunction with our market knowledge and at-distance analysis we are able to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

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