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Join Bigwave’s Mission to Plant Trees

Bigwave Marketing has come up with a new print initiative that provides our team and clients with the opportunity to help the environment. Bigwave is a full-service creative marketing agency with a mission to make a difference and deliver growth. The initiative is called Printing Trees and will launch in April 2022, and Bigwave hopes to make a positive impact around the globe. 

The Printing Trees project ensures that for every £50 a client spends on Bigwave’s print marketing services, we plant a tree.

We’re partnered with the Billion Trees Project, who will be managing the tree planting process for the initiative. Their mission is to plant one billion trees across the world. They also help businesses go green and attract new customers by showing them how they can make a difference. Our mission very much aligns with the Billion Trees Project, which is why we have partnered with them to help reverse the effects of climate change and contribute to a healthier world.

While print is often a necessary tool due to particular demographic requirements or needs, Bigwave wanted to find a way to offset this.

It’s critical to preserve trees across the globe; they provide us with oxygen, help store carbon, stabilise soil, provide a healthy habitat for over 80 per cent of the world’s terrestrial diversity, and help combat climate change. Deforestation is a global crisis, and it’s important to ensure trees still thrive in all locations, such as city and urban locations, rainforests, and woodlands.

Just some of the other benefits of trees include:

We would struggle to survive without trees, so Bigwave Marketing is passionate about planting as many trees as possible and about spreading awareness of the importance of reversing the effects of climate change.

If you’d like to get involved in the print initiative and make a positive impact, contact us. If you’re new to our services, check out our print design and procurement services to find out more.

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