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The English Riviera BID Company

Who are The English Riviera Bid Company?

Launched in January 2017 the English Riviera BID Company is a private sector led, not-for-profit limited company focused on promoting and driving Tourism and Business in the South West. Businesses within the Business Improvement District (BID) collaborate to ensure the best possible allocation of resources to fund additional services to promote growth within the Tourism industry.

How vital is Destination Marketing in ensuring the continued flourishing of local economies?

‘’The ERBID Company has a proven track record. Visitors are essential to our local economy and we all need to be investing in Destination Marketing so that our region can compete with our UK and international destinations. No business alone can deliver this – we need an experienced team and a good budget to invest strategically, year after year. I believe absolutely in the need for the continuation of the ERBID.’’ – Alex Foley, Owner Of Guardhouse Cafe, Brixham

The English Riviera Bid Company trusts Bigwave as its tourism marketing partner to provide multichannel marketing strategy and management to ensure the continued success of events run to drive growth in the South West.

Building Awareness via PPC Tourism Marketing For The Seafood Feast

An existing long standing client, we were experienced in the challenges and objectives involved with Tourism Marketing and how best to deliver a campaign to drive awareness. The ERBID Company wanted to promote the much-loved and long established Seafood Festival for 2023 to ensure as many people had the opportunity to enjoy the events and produce available.

With the primary objective being to get as many people involved in the Seafood Feast as possible, any campaign was going to be underpinned with a brand awareness and local engagement focus, closely supported by channels deployed to facilitate the generation of conversions for events with a booking element.

Carefully Targeted Ads To Reach Those Most Likely To Convert

Google Search

We crafted Google Search ads in order to target users at the point of high intent web searching – two ad groups each targeting a different cluster of keywords to best reach target users already searching with intent for what the Seafood Feast would provide to them.

Google Display

Highly relevant audience targeting was implemented for our ads served on the Google Display Network, this ensured visibility and brand awareness was driven by serving the ads to users with interests such as Seafood City and Fish Market, and similar events such as Dartmouth Food Festival and Dorset Seafood Festival.



Facebook Traffic ads were created to generate as much traffic to the ERBID Co’s Seafood Feast site as possible. We implemented highly specific interest targeting using Facebook’s audience data to ensure the ads would only be seen by users most likely to be engaged with the content, keeping the costs on ad spend as low as possible.


Over 1 Million Impressions & 10k Clicks Generated

With the campaign overall generating more than 1 Million Impressions and 10k Clicks, the objective of driving brand/event awareness was a success. In addition to this, each channel outperformed forecasts in contributing to traffic.

  • The Meta ads reached a total of 144k distinct users
  • Google Search ads maintained a CTR of more than 20%
  • Youtube ads generated over 18k View Throughs
  • Google Display ads generated over 5k Clicks

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