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A fresh pair of eyes can bring new ideas and discover untapped potential.

Bigwave’s creative growth experts offer a multifaceted audit service in a wide range of areas to help you pursue and attain your corporate objectives.
Our dedicated team of professionals seek to enhance your strategy, communication and sales conversions, support you to generate a consistent flow of opportunities, and drive the profitable development of your business.

Informed decisions fuel business growth.

Bigwave support clients to review and realise their potential business growth in key areas of the business. As part of identifying the market and growth potential we include a complimentary at distance audit. Once we establish what part of your business would benefit from further development, we can then take a deep dive into your specific sales and marketing needs to compile a comprehensive report, with facts and figures rooted to our recommendations for how our services can achieve your goals.

We also offer further support in developing your potential on a monthly basis and can provide an experienced business coach to support your business growth and offer practical ideas that get results.

There is an extensive scope of audit services we can undertake:

  • Audience audits – review customer data and audience demographics to communicate effectively and what motivates them to identify and buy your products or services
  • Business growth audits – explore marketing strategy and identify opportunities to grow in your marketplace and expand your audience
    Creative brand audits – evaluate branding and design to make you think about your business at a deeper level
  • Marketing audits – analyse platforms, channels, tools and strategy to identify opportunities to drive up customer engagement
  • Paid media audits – review the current condition and possibilities of your account, platform, campaign setup and performance
  • SEO audits – evaluate website viability, performance and rankings to boost your search engine optimisation
  • Signage audits – onsite walk through to assess signage functionality and promotional opportunities
  • Website audits – review web performance and UX/UI to make your website one of your top user experience metrics
  • Social media audits – review channels, setup and content to improve your social presence

Take the leap today and get in touch with our passionate growth experts to be on the road to accomplishing your sales and marketing goals.

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