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Social Media Training

Digital training solutions

Our training services equip your team with the essential skills needed to better support your business with digital marketing.

Learn the fundamentals of social media – a cost-effective, targeted digital method of promoting your brand.

Bigwave’s social media training sessions help organisations in any sector – both large and small, to get the most out of social media marketing. Throughout our hands-on training session, we provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to boost your digital presence, promote your brand and create an engaged online customer community.

Social media discovery session

To help get the juices flowing we will invite you and your team to a collaborative workshop style session at Bigwave HQ to discover:

Organisational goals for social media

A crucial part of social media success is establishing clear goals and targets that you want to achieve such as growth, reach or engagement. We’ll share all the relevant metrics and tools needed to track and measure the results.

Current channel utilisation

We work across all major social media channels and therefore can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current usage and suggest strategies to improve performance aligned to your key objectives.

Employee knowledge gaps

The first step to closing knowledge gaps it to motivate staff to participate in the learning process. That’s why we try to engage all relevant members of a team to get involved by contributing their social media marketing ideas.

Social media training & Strategy

Bespoke practical social media training for up to eight people at a location of your choosing. Topics include:

Using social for outreach and engagement

Social media outreach is the process of using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise awareness of your brand, form new relationships and get more eyes on your content. We’ll teach you how to execute outreach and engagement campaigns just like a pro.

In-depth exploration into best platforms/tools for your needs

By the end of our training session, attendees will have the tools to be able to confidently manage crucial elements of your organisation’s social media strategy.

Tailored group activities around your brand

Our team of experts have tons of practical savvy in their fields and can help teams build their own digital presence of their brand.

We offer a Sports & Physical Activity sector focussed version of this session which provides 5 CIMSPA CPD points.

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