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Environmental Design

Bringing your environments alive

At the heart of our service is enhancing the mood and experience for your customers within your facilities.

Own your environment.

Environmental graphic design offers more than just exciting murals and signage. The primary goal of EGC is to affect a person’s mood wherever they are. If you were to walk into a gym with no decal on the walls would you be pumped up for your workout? Probably not. At Bigwave, we have experience with hundreds of different environmental graphic design jobs; from wayfinding signage in gyms to decal in corporate offices, we know what we’re doing.

If you still aren’t convinced about the importance of EGC, people who visited a certain area with great design said they were 2x more likely to recommend it to somewhere which had poor or no EGC.

Flaunt your brand to the public.

A particular area of environmental graphic design in which we specialise in is exterior design. This may be signage that sits outside a business or even window decals for the public to see as they walk past. Just like with a billboard, you want people to spot your business from afar which is made possible with EGC. The design team at Bigwave have a heap of experience with window decal, outside murals, and large exterior signage. If you’re looking for your business to stand out to the general public, be sure to contact us here.

Experience defining design.

As said above, environmental graphic design is there to change a way a person feels about a certain space. EGC is commonplace inside of businesses, where it can be anything from useful wayfinding signage to inspirational quotes plastered on gym walls. Whether the purpose of the EGC is to be used by customers or to just look aesthetically pleasing, the aim should always be to make that person feel comfortable. Our design team have delivered successful interior design projects to hundreds of our clients, so if you want to be the next get into contact here.

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