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Exhibitions design

Creating memorable exhibition experiences

Our professional team have years of experience in the planning, creation and installation of exhibition stands in the UK and Europe.

Cut through the noise with attention-grabbing exhibition designs.

It’s no secret that digital is taking a front seat in the marketing space, however, every experienced marketer knows that times come when physical appearance matters. Whether you’re delivering an important presentation in front of hundreds or representing your business at a trade show, you need to stand out from the crowd.

How do you do this, with a design that is truly hard to ignore.

Bigger is better.

The beauty of large format exhibition artwork lies in its ability to captivate viewers from afar. However, this demands that your design be nothing short of attention-grabbing.

At Bigwave, we boast ample experience in crafting large-format designs that leave a lasting impression. From bus wraps to billboards, our adept design team understands the intricacies of such projects and excels in enticing even the most preoccupied passers-by into your sales orbit.

If you aspire to become the talk of the town, reach out to us today.

Two Colleagues Chatting About Design Concepts

You’re in good hands.

Even in the digital age, exhibitions and trade shows are still extremely important for industry leaders to flex their knowledge and win business. With hundreds of attendees at these events, it’s no easy feat to gain attention. However, with the help of our experienced design studio, you can stand out from your competitors with visually appealing and cutting-edge design.

From concept to installation, we’re here to help you catch the eye of event attendees. So, if you’re wanting to make the right impression at your next exhibition, be sure to get in touch with us.

A new level of presenting.

There comes a time in a professional’s life where they will have to present to a large audience. Whether this is a new product concept or reporting on last month’s sales figures they all have the same purpose… To inform.

Sometimes, information can get quite tedious, however. With an average attention span of 8 seconds, people need to consume information that is easy to digest – which is where we come in. With the use of animated video, images, GIFs and much more; our design team can create stunning video presentations that turn a monotonous PowerPoint into eye-catching, motion graphic design.

If you have an important presentation looming on the horizon, then drop us a line.

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