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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Delivering more organic web traffic.

Our team of SEO experts adopt a holistic approach to SEO that ensures your website not only attracts more traffic but also converts visitors into customers.

Get more organic traffic from Search Engines.

We have increased our client’s website traffic from search engines by an average of 226.7% which has resulted in a lift in conversions, leads and sales by an average of 69.3%, for a range of clients in both, charity, B2B and the consumer sector.

For some clients this was paired with a PPC and Content Marketing strategy which has increased their lead/traffic volume even further… this all started with a discovery call.

**During the discovery call, a marketing specialist (not a sales-person) will show you how we can improve business through your website by asking 5 – 10 questions about your business. Every business and website is different(as you know), and we want to ensure we can truly make a difference for your business. Our goal is to find a partnership… not a sale!

Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


1. Research & Plan

The fist thing we need to do is ensure we have everything we need to do the best job we can do. A big part of this is having the analytics, ensuring the website has the right capabilities and is in good technical “shape” and more importantly, understand your business, your market, setting accurate timelines and the measures for success.


2. Optimise

The second step of the SEO service we is ensuring all existing content on the website is assessed and optimised. Wheather this means applying advanced copywriting techniques, ensuring there is enough content for search engines to understand the page and give us a relevancy boost or just ensuring the content is accessible and there are no “holes in the boat” that could lead to loss of authority or a bad user experience.


3. Build

Completing the first two steps of the SEO strategy, gives us a good understanding of the content we need to focus on. During the Build process we discover what your competitors are doing and where your deficiencies are in terms of content and authority in comparison.


4. Promote

There is no point in having a great product and creating great content if no one will see it and if it doesn’t work for our purposes. Our experience is that the phrase “Build it and they will come” just doesn’t work in today’s, attention deprived environment. Our promotional process ensures we boost your website’s authority that drives the search engine traffic.


5. Maintain & Evaluate

The Maintenance and Evaluation process is less of a step and more of an ongoing objective. This allows us to maintain an agile approach and constantly improve the SEO strategy and the results by constantly evaluating and maintaining what we have built to respond to Google’s 300+ updates, your competitors and market trends. This also ensures we can deliver an SEO service with compounding effects.

A Full Range of SEO Services

If you are a local plumber, restaurant, shop or any business with a physical location, and want to be found online by people searching for your products and services locally, we have the right Local SEO strategy to ensure people find you!

Local SEO agency Exeter

For both national and international companies, depending on your market and audience we can craft the appropriate SEO strategy to reach your target audience. Our SEO experts will also help you overcome complex internationalisation challenges to ensure global visibility and the best route-to-market.

Our 5-step SEO process, while it can be adapted for any market segment, has been specifically created with B2B performance in mind and to ensure the most efficient use of your resources while providing clarity for stakeholders.

While it is a powerful way to get your products in the hands of your target market, it does present some unique challenges that our SEO experts will help you navigate and find the best solution for. Our approach to Ecommerce SEO focuses a lot on your website’s technical and structural aspect as well as content and conversion aspects.

Wordpress is a powerful system to leverage for any online business. As a core CMS that we work with every day, we have extensive experience in how to optimise and structure content to achieve the best SEO performance.

Redesigning or rebuilding your website? Our SEO Go-live package is a one-off SEO service that has been specifically created to ensure there is minimal or no traffic loss when your website is rebuilt or re-designed.

We also offer SEO training bespoke to your needs. Our training courses can be designed to ensure you and your staff are aware of basic SEO fundamentals and able to identify opportunities to increase search engine visibility in their day to day activities.

Using the most advanced tools in the SEO industry and ample experience, we can identify and suggest recommendations for any technical issue.

Our on-page SEO services ensure your products and services gain visibility against your competitors. Our SEO content copyrighting and editing process takes into account what your competitors are doing and what search engines think is the best content to rank. We use some of the top industry tools to leverage both correlation and Artificial Intelligence to reverse engineer search engine ranking factors to increase your site’s visibility. All of this is then crafted with a conversion-lead approach.

Our content marketing specialists will research and craft the most appropriate content editorials to reach your target audience. In addition, each content piece will have a promotional strategy attached which will increase your website’s Domain Authority, rankings and traffic.

Our promotional process ensures we boost your website’s authority and we get the right eyes on the content and services you publish. Our Outreach and Digital PR experts build high value relationships with publications and influencers to ensure your content is featured to the right audience and adds value to your website.

The SEO Audit is a 30+ page audit that provides an overview of the key elements on your website and actionable improvement recommendations. This will help you understand not just how your website performs in the search engines, but also how to improve its performance. This review has covered key aspects of your website and performance plus additional things you need to consider if you want your website to thrive against your competitors.

Our SEOs have expert knowledge of all Google algorithm updates and are able to help you identify causes for loss of traffic or rankings, correlations with known algorithm updates and help your website recover and improve.

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