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Boosting Holiday Sales Success: A PPC Case Study with Beverley Holidays

In the picturesque outskirts of Paignton, Devon, lies a holiday destination that has stood the test of time—Beverley Holidays. What started as a modest venture in 1956, with 21 acres of farmland and 10 caravans, has evolved into a thriving family business that spans three generations. Today, Beverley Holidays offers a diverse array of holiday experiences, from luxury lodges to camping pitches and static holiday homes.

The Challenge: Marketing Diverse Offerings

When Beverley Holidays approached Bigwave with their marketing needs, they presented a unique challenge. They wanted to reach two distinct audiences: those seeking a holiday experience on the English Riviera and potential buyers interested in investing in Beverley’s new development of static holiday homes.

Our Solution: Precision Targeting with PPC

To address this dual objective, we dove deep into creating tailored personas for each offering. Leveraging insights from Beverley’s existing client base, we crafted targeted ads that honed in on likely keywords. Geotagged areas were strategically chosen to align with the characteristics of our identified personas, ensuring maximum impact.

The Results: An Impressive Uptick in Performance

The initial investment in PPC in 2022 yielded promising results, prompting Beverley Holidays to increase its marketing budget in 2023. The subsequent impact on their overall performance was nothing short of remarkable. Here are the key figures that underscore the success of our paid advertising strategy:

  1. Over 600 Extra Holiday Bookings: January to September 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.
  2. 8,500 Total Holiday Bookings: Reflecting the comprehensive reach of our campaign.
  3. 39 Holiday Home Sales: Demonstrating the effectiveness of targeting potential investors.
  4. 40% Increase in Clicks: Compared to the previous year, showcasing a significant boost in engagement.
  5. 44% Increase in Click-Through Rate: A testament to the relevance and appeal of our ads.
  6. More than 100% Increase in Web Traffic: A substantial surge in online visibility.
  7. Estimated ROAS of £157 per £1 Spend: Highlighting the cost-effectiveness of our PPC strategy.

Client Testimonial: Praise for Bigwave Marketing

Melanie Brook, Head of Marketing at Beverley Holidays, expressed her satisfaction with our collaboration: “I’ve been working with Bigwave Marketing for nearly 12 months now. They have revolutionised our Google Ads campaigns and helped me out with Facebook Ads. The team is always incredibly helpful, and communication is great. I would highly recommend this marketing agency for any PPC campaigns you might be looking at running or if you are considering switching to a new agency.”

Elevating Beverley Holidays to New Heights

In the evolving landscape of holiday marketing, paid advertising has proven to be a catalyst for success for Beverley Holidays. Through meticulous targeting, strategic planning, and continuous optimisation, we’ve not only met but exceeded the expectations of our client. This case study stands as a testament to the power of PPC in elevating brand visibility, driving engagement, and ultimately boosting sales for businesses in the hospitality industry.

If you would like to discover how Bigwave can help you with your PPC campaigns, please book a discovery call today.

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