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Email marketing

Personalised Email Campaigns

We help brands create the right email, at the right time, for the right audience. Every single time.

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We help brands create the right email, at the right time, for the right audience. Every single time.

Email marketing has evolved. It’s now so much more than a lump of conversational content chucked at your email list that ends up getting lost in inboxes – or worse, deleted. Subscribers and customers expect and demand more.

Whether you need to market a shiny new product, send people to landing pages, boost awareness of your campaigns, or simply communicate with your subscribers, Bigwave has the experience and know-how to get your email marketing strategy the right results every time.

Easy, low cost sales generation

Email marketing campaigns have been shown to deliver incredible results. It is more sophisticated and powerful than ever before, offering businesses a very high return on investment.

It’s not only fast, relatively cheap, and incredibly profitable, but it’s also a fantastic tool for building a relationship of trust and awareness with your customers. Regular emails that deliver valuable content marketing assets to your subscribers helps to position your business as thought-leaders, and email encourages subscribers to revisit your website and buy your products.

In fact, the Digital Marketing Association suggests that 66% of customers purchase after receiving an email marketing message.

Success that you can track

One of the biggest advantages of using email marketing management is that you are able to see real-time reports as soon as a campaign is launched. After you have sent your email, you will be able to see how many people opened and read it, clicked through to your website, and sent it on to a friend.

Since we are a full-service digital marketing agency, we will also be able to track the customer beyond the email – meaning that we can see who purchased from you after an email.

We help you reach out to your customers

Bigwave can help you with every step of your email journey, from campaign planning to design and marketing. From small businesses to large corporations, email marketing is an essential part of any company’s toolkit.

Our dedicated email marketing services include:

  • Create/send HTML e-flyer campaigns
  • Bespoke and editable HTML template
  • Full campaign analysis reporting
  • Bounce summary and collation cleans your database
  • Automatic subscriber management
  • Management of existing subscriber lists including uploading and segmentation
  • Ability to view past and present campaigns
  • Ability to social share and track each campaign across Facebook and Twitter
  • Increased retention with automated email journeys
  • Quick, easy, and affordable results

Available as pay as you go or as part of a monthly subscription package.
For a walkthrough of the software or for a pricing structure, please contact us.

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