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Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the future of PPC!

Did you know that by the end of 2021, 88% of all digital display marketing in the US is projected to be done via programmatic advertising?

How does it work?

Using first-party cookies and behavioral-based audiences created with real-world data, we can ensure YOUR ADS only show to individuals who have EXACTLY the same interests and browse the same content as those who have converted on your website in the past.

Our experience ranges across a wide range of industries including luxury, leisure, tourism, hospitality, finance, medical, law, automotive, and more.

What Creatives Do I Need For Programmatic?

After our research, pixel learning, and campaign planning, we get our creative and graphic design team together and come up with some awesome engaging ads to match your brand and generate intent!

We can master your messaging and imagery in any display format. Either a fully bespoke ad suite or we can do static, animated. That’s the beauty of having all the resources of a programmatic agency side-by-side with Bigwave awesome in-house creative team.

Our management package includes set up, tracking set up, optimisation, reporting, and various dashboards. Contact us to find out how much our agency management fees are for programmatic advertising.

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How Effective Is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Our programmatic DSP has access to user data across 150 million websites, which means each person touches their tags up to 400 times per month.

Can you imagine meeting someone 400 times for a coffee to find out more about their likes and dislikes? You would know them pretty well within a few months.

Behavioral data refreshes every hour, so when that individual no longer meets the criteria to be deemed 100% relevant for your business, then we do not show ads to them. This means zero wasted advertising spend and you never miss out on an opportunity.

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How much should I spend on programmatic advertising?

The minimum monthly spend for programmatic is £5,000 and we would recommend running for a minimum of three months.

We would install the pixel on the website a month or two before the campaign starts to allow us to generate a high volume of conversion data and learning before launching the paid ads. This will also give us enough time to design and plan the creative and ensure your website is built with conversion optimisation in mind.

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