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Campaigns that deliver growth

Our team specialises in curating and executing impactful marketing campaigns. Whether engaging local businesses or multinational corporations, we're here to ensure campaign success for your business.

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Grab your target audience’s attention with a marketing campaign.

People speak visually. With so much information presented in a visual format, your customers have come to expect your message to be delivered in the same way.

Think about how powerful stand-alone pieces of visual content are – infographic, motion graphics, and interactive pieces are all incredibly powerful messaging tools, seeing huge engagement on social media and beyond.

Our campaign process.



A successful marketing campaign starts with a successful marketing strategy. Our first step is always to have an in-depth discussion about your business, your products or services, your target audience, and the objectives the campaign needs to achieve.



Next, we create a campaign plan tailored to match the target market, budget and goals. The plan includes services and products that we intend to use for delivery along with clear deadlines.



After our campaign team has completed planning how it’s going to be marketed, it’s over to our creatives to design how the campaign will look when released as physical print items and digital assets.



Once all campaign items have been created, whether it’s social media content, motion graphics, a microsite, landing pages, video production, printed materials, or motion graphics, the rollout of the campaign begins. The plan is followed and monitored to ensure a smooth campaign lifespan.



With the campaign release and gaining traction, we will be monitoring the impact to see if the correct audience is engaging, leads are flowing in and positivity spreads across social media. During this, all digital elements can be modified or changed almost instantaneously to improve results and guarantee success.



As we come to the end of your campaign period we meticulously review audience engagement, lead generation, and positivity across social media platforms to generate a detailed report.  Each report will give you insights into which marketing activities were successful, which did not deliver and the overall ROI of the campaign.

Bigwave Campaigns
Social Media Graphics From A Bigwave Campaign
Billboard Advert For A Bigwave Campaign

Imagine how powerful a unified visual campaign could be.

At Bigwave, we’ve got years of experience designing, creating, and running innovative, interesting, and boundary-pushing campaigns for a wide range of clients. Not only are we incredibly creative, but we’re also results-driven, constantly optimising campaigns to get maximum engagement and conversions.

The result?

Visual strategy work that results in success for clients in just about every industry.

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