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Social Media Management

Be more social with your marketing.

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing as it provides extensive opportunities to promote your brand, grow your audience, and drive engagement.

Bigwave helps to build your social media presence by delivering rich, timely and effective content alongside expert strategies that deliver results – allowing you to focus on what you do best.

You are what you share.

In order to stay relevant and competitive in the fast-paced social media landscape, your social media strategy should always be evolving. That’s why we offer bespoke social media management to work for your brand, your customers, and your goals.

Our extensive range of social media management services include:

  • Content Posting – With a thorough understanding of your business combined with your target customer base, we design quality content to encourage engagement and promote brand awareness.
  • Branded Imagery – Infographics, memes, customer reviews, discussion pieces, and more options on request – we can custom make them all.
  • Short-form Video – Reels, TikTok or YouTube Shorts, our team can assist with the creation of on-trend short-form videos to grow reach and engagement.
  • Website Content Syndication – We track and syndicate blog posts or article publish on your website to the relevant social media channels.
  • Social Media Syndication – We work will all major social media channels and are happy to learn any bespoke social platforms that you would like us to use.
  • Follower Growth Campaigns – To grow your audience, boost your profile, improve your engagement and extend your reach.
  • Audience Interaction – Monitoring the replies and comments from your audience to maximise engagement and keep them up-to-date if they have questions or feedback for your business.
  • Influencer Engagement – Targeting influencers in your sector and engaging with them to promote your brand to their audience.
  • Review Monitoring & Messaging Communications – We closely monitor reviews on Facebook to respond quickly and helpfully to show your customers that you are active and engaged but most importantly, that you care.
  • Social Media Competitions – With an agreed incentive, we create and design your competition strategy to ensure that it delivers the best possible results – a great way to increase your reach organically.
  • Monthly Reports – An in-depth report of your social media activity including statistics such as growth, reach and engagement and most importantly, an evaluation of the results to ensure that we are continuously evaluating our strategy.


  • Social Media Account Setup – Full account set-up including channel optimisation, design and profile copywriting.
  • Social Media Audit – A deep-dive on your current social media practice with an evaluation and recommendations to maximise engagement and reach.
  • Social Media Training – Bespoke social media training to help upskill your team and make the most of your social media platforms.
  • Social Media Discovery – A focussed session aimed at resolving your specified social media issues with suggestions for improvement.
  • Sponsored Posts – Facebook limits the reach for businesses organic growth, making sponsored posts almost essential to grow your audience and gain a wider reach. Our expertise in this area ensure that you are receiving the best possible results for your spend.
  • Chatbots – Want a constant presence on your Facebook page but don’t have the manpower to monitor it? We can design you a bespoke chatbot which will respond to frequently answered questions and point users in the right direction.
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