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Motion Graphics

A picture paints a thousand words. Imagine what motion graphics can do.

Every brand and business is different, which is why every video animation we create is tailored to tell your brand’s story, highlight your products or services, and enhance your content marketing strategy.

We can help to bring almost any idea to life, whether that’s to educate the viewer, share a serious message or simply have a bit of fun. Our designers create impactful and visually striking motion graphics customised to your target audience and business needs.

Why use motion graphics?

There is no doubt that video is fast becoming the preferred medium of communicating, with online videos already accounting for more than 75% of all online traffic. By using motion graphics, it makes your brand more engaging and interactive. They are also ideal assets to:

  • Share on social media
  • Host on your website
  • Embed on a landing page
  • Distribute through email
  • Feature internally on display screens
  • Use for training purposes
  • Incorporate in presentation decks

They have a long shelf life and can be combined with live-action videos to help strengthen a message or add interest as a visual accompaniment. Their simplistic and versatile formatting make them fantastic for sharing complex data and stats, which helps make the information more digestible and memorable to viewers. The options are limitless when powered by the creativity of Bigwave’s production team.

Bigwave’s production process

There are a lot of moving parts with motion graphics, so we work with you to produce a strong creative brief to establish your core messages and gather the relevant information.

This is then turned into a script by our talented content writers to tell the story. Once we have the perfect script that fits your brand’s voice, we pass it over to the animators to start to visualise it and draw out frames. This is called the storyboard phase.

Once you are happy with the style and the design we have created, we then enter the animation studio to bring it all together with the audio, content, background music and sound effects to work in harmony and drive your narrative.

If you’re looking for a unique way to get across what your business can offer through motion graphics, get in touch with our enthusiastic and dedicated motion graphics team today.

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