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Powerful advertising solutions.

Our team targets your audience using both traditional advertising and digital channels to achieve the highest engagement and conversion rates.

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Don’t leave the success of your product, service or company to chance. Get the word out by advertising.

As a full-service agency, Bigwave provides informed advertising strategies to create compelling campaigns that actively seek to influence your target audience.

Why use advertising as part of your marketing communications?

Advertising and marketing work effectively together to achieve your promotional goals. While marketing identifies customer needs and determining how best to meet those needs in the marketplace; advertising is what helps get it KNOWN in the marketplace. That’s to say, advertising is a key component of marketing, used to reinforce brand messaging, increase awareness of a product or service, and generate leads or sales.

To achieve this goal, we can use a variety of creative positioning in media, which include:

  • Print media (Newspapers / magazines / poster)
  • Digital advertisements
  • Social media
  • Radio advertisements
  • Leaflet distribution (Free papers / Solus / Royal Mail)
  • Outdoor media (Billboard, bus shelters / transport)

Media booking & Distribution

A well-executed advertising campaign uses multimedia platforms and focuses on timing to achieve optimum exposure and capitalise on people’s interests. Bigwave saves you time and money by taking the hassle out of the creation and distribution of your ads. Our team will manage:

  • Booking advertisements
  • Collating all the elements of your ad to meet designated timescales
  • Obtain the best prices
  • Work with content creators and designers to supply and meet design specification
  • Source and book the best media outlets to run your ad according to; reader demographic, circulation and reach
  • Booking leaflet drops
  • Media liaison – (pass all your advertising enquires our way to save you being badgered)
  • Procure mailing lists for direct mail distribution

If you want to create a buzz around your business and offerings, or spark curiosity in the minds of your target audience, get in touch with our creative marketeers brimming with innovative ideas to run your next advertising campaign.

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