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The BIG Topic: Conversion

Conversions are the core reason businesses make money, no matter if you are a small or large company. Conversions are what generate leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if your website has millions of visits per day, or if your ad has a high volume of clicks, if you have little to no conversion rate, then you aren’t making any money.

If your conversion rates aren’t as successful as you hoped, or if you need insight into what conversions are and how to achieve them, our Conversion series will tell you everything you need to know.

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Here is a wrap up of our Conversion series in one simple, easy-to-read blog post.

Search Intent: The Importance of Writing for Humans in an SEO World

Understanding search intent and keywords is vital on your journey to achieving successful conversion rates. If you know what users want and what their intentions are, it will be easier for you to target them.

Nowadays, SEO is more focused on writing for people rather than search engines and bots. Identifying and satisfying a user’s needs in turn, satisfies search engines like Google. To achieve successful conversions, you must create content that revolves around your user’s search intent, whether it’s informational, navigational, commercial, or transactional. By figuring out what their intent is, you can construct a pathway to drive them to your website and hopefully keep them around long enough to generate leads and increase conversion rates.

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Ways to Use Visual Content to Boost UX and Conversions

We are visual creatures living in a visual world where quality images and designs determine your EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust). Poor visuals have a detrimental effect on user experience.

From accessibility to infographics, quality images, videos, white space and call-to-actions, there are several ways in which you can enhance your user’s experience through visual content to encourage sales.

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5 Tips to Increase Conversions From Email Campaigns

Emails have been with us since the Internet began, and there are no signs of them ever becoming outdated. We send and receive billions of emails daily, predominantly for marketing purposes. Email campaigns are essential to connect and grow your customer reach. They generate impressive ROIs (return-on-investments), boost brand awareness, reach audiences of all ages and kinds, and retain customer loyalty.

We put together five ways you can increase your conversion rates through email campaigns. Including strong CTAs (call-to-actions) and subject lines, improving your segmentation strategy, utilising the double opt-in feature, and organising your mailing list frequently.

For more information, read the blog here.

CRO: What it is, How it Works, and Why it’s Important

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) works hand-in-hand with SEO (search engine optimisation). It is a vital procedure in digital marketing that successfully generates traffic into conversions. Every business strives to achieve and maintain a good conversion rate. Without one, they aren’t making any money. The purpose of CRO is to optimise your entire marketing strategy, compelling your target audience to engage with your content and take action as a result. That is the primary goal, the action. Ensuring your audience doesn’t quit the journey you have embarked them on so you can attain that conversion. CRO is a cost-effective solution that can get you the results you want, but it isn’t always easy.

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How to Improve Conversion Rates for Your PPC Campaign

Every PPC marketer has a primary goal in mind: conversions. However, a good conversion is hard to come by without the proper research and it can be difficult to maintain among the likes of popular competitors.

Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee to have their advert clicked on. It’s a technique that buys visits to a site, rather than attempting to earn visits organically. When PPC ad campaigns are designed with a clear goal, they can improve brand awareness, generate leads and boost sales. A PPC conversion rate is closely related to the amount of money made. Therefore, the conversion rate is one of the most important factors of a PPC campaign. It is the percentage of customers that perform the desired action such as making a purchase after clicking on your advert.

Check out the full blog here for more information.

Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Social media is used by billions of people every day for communicating with friends and family, and for work. Social channels have become key platforms for promoting people’s work and businesses. They are great for making the wider world aware of your brand, driving traffic to a landing page or website, gaining valuable insights and most importantly, achieving conversions at the end of it. But getting your potential customers from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom where they make a purchase, can be a slow and frustrating process. Gaining new followers organically isn’t easy, and it takes time, dedication and patience (as well as regular posting) to get to where you want to be. But, it is possible if you carry out the correct practices. This includes optimising your social media landing page, creating high-quality visuals and video-centric posts, and monitoring your key performance indicators so you can tailor your marketing strategy to your audience.

For ways to use social media to achieve conversions, please read the full blog here.

Would you like to find out more about conversions and how to achieve your sales goals? You can find out more here. Alternatively, get in touch with our marketing experts today for an incomparable service.

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