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LinkedIn Polls and the Wonder Lab

LinkedIn Group Polls rolls out this week and looks to be a great addition to the Group setup by allowing moderators the ability to ask members questions through a nifty app. For some groups this could be a great tool for testing new ideas and getting insightful feedback from customers or even staff.

At Bigwave Media we run the ‘Exeter Business Games‘ (EBG) – a fun networking event that sees over 20 Exeter based businesses take part in various sport and themed events throughout the City. As soon as the Poll app goes live we’ll conduct a poll to find out the most popular rounds from 2011. This will help us improve the 2012 Games and, while we could have set up a poll on the Games website, this format provides a quick and accessible way for Group members to give their feedback. Members can also comment on the Poll and discuss.

There are some more exciting features rolling out across LinkedIn in the next few weeks but did you know there is a test site where you can play with some of the more experimental LinkedIn apps and goodies?

LinkedIn hosts a ‘hackday’ once a month, this is where employees are encouraged to form teams and let loose on any project they can think of. The projects are then presented back to the company and some are made publicly available on an experimental site called Linkedin Labs.

The Labs hosts a few interesting apps. Two of the more interesting ones being the The LinkedIn Connection Timeline and the visualization map (shown below).

The LinkedIn Connection Timeline invites you to follow your career timeline and track the connections you’ve made over the years while the InMap allows you to visualize your connections clustered into inter-relationships.

Give them a try and you may be surprised to see how your connections have become focused or how they relate.

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