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eMail Campaigns Part 2

So here we are in 2012, Happy New Year! Here some tips on creating email campaigns.

Avoid bad words in your subject lines

There are some words that you mustn’t put in your subject lines. Subject lines should be meaningful and mustn’t contain words that are likely to get blocked by SPAM filters. Avoid using the following words and word phrases as much as you can:

• £ • Help [[+cell]]
• $ • Hi [[+cell]]
• Hidden [[+cell]]
• Act now • Hot [[+cell]]
• Amazing [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Apply now • Information you requested [[+cell]]
• As seen • Instant [[+cell]]
• As seen on TV [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Attention • Life insurance [[+cell]]
• Avoid • Limited time [[+cell]]
• Loans [[+cell]]
• Lose [[+cell]]
• Buy now • Lose weight [[+cell]]
• Lower your mortgage rate [[+cell]]
• Check this out • Lowest insurance rates [[+cell]]
• Click here [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Collect • Now [[+cell]]
• Compare • Now only [[+cell]]
• Off [[+cell]]
• Consolidate • Offer [[+cell]]
• Open now [[+cell]]
• Credit • Opportunity [[+cell]]
• Please help me [[+cell]]
[[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Dear friend • Promised you [[+cell]]
• Debt [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Read now [[+cell]]
• Discount • Refinance [[+cell]]
• Don’t delete [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Satisfaction [[+cell]]
• Search engine listings [[+cell]]
• Financial freedom [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Take a look [[+cell]]
• For you • Teen [[+cell]]
• This is not spam [[+cell]]
• Free [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Free access • Urgently [[+cell]]
• Free gift [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• Free info • Winner [[+cell]]
• Free offer [[+cell]] [[+cell]]
• FREE STOP • Your family [[+cell]]
• Friend • You’re a winner [[+cell]]
  • Add to this list of words and phrases everything else that might relate to pharmacy and pornography and words spelled in ALL CAPS, e.x.t.r.a. punctuation, s p a c e d text, followed by £££, $$$ or 100%, 50% etc. Words preceded by pound or dollar amounts or words ending in numerical digits.
  • The above list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully it’ll give you an idea of the type of words to avoid. Good luck with your next campaign and happy mailing!
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