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Introducing Twitter Polls

Receiving feedback from consumers on Twitter has previously been fixed through tweeting ‘RT for Yes Fav for No’ or tracking hashtags- But these seem a little off centre as it doesn’t produce much engagement. However, this new tool announced by Twitter will revolutionise the way businesses- big or small- can engage and receive feedback from consumers via this social network.

During 2015, Twitter experimented with Twitter Polls for big brands and personalities (We remember partaking in a Phillip Schofield Poll!). With the success of these polls, Twitter have recently announced that this engagement tool will be available for everyone.

The poll is led by a tweet- usually the question and then followed by the two possible answers, the poll remains live for 24 hours where users can vote privately. After the 24 hours is up, the poll is still visible and the results of the poll are shown in percentage form.

So what does this mean for your business? Simple, a higher chance of increased engagement, often many people don’t share and retweet posts as they don’t want them to show up on their much loved profile. However with this Twitter poll, users can engage with the poll privately without it adding to their profile or Twitter noise, which means a small percentage of people who usually don’t engage now are more likely to. This quick engagement tool will enable you to analyse a certain topic such as ‘what is your favourite exercise class’ or even partake in real time engagement ‘who do you want to win the Rugby World Cup?’ This engagement keeps your business known in the swarm of Twitter Timelines, and has the potential to stop people scrolling and pay attention to your poll.

Here at Bigwave, we believe this is a brilliant announcement from Twitter as this can really help small businesses engage with their audience and understand exactly what they want! Bigwave media is a creative marketing agency working with clients across the UK. To discuss Twitter Polls or social media services that we offer, please contact us on 0845 643 2385 or complete our contact form.

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