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How Hootsuite can Transform your Business.

Juggling social media channels can often be difficult, and establishing the line between an organised number of tabs open and a disorganised mess of tabs open can be even harder. Hootsuite eliminates these problems by supplying a system that can have all social media channels under one roof. We’ve summed up the best bits about the subscription based system and how it can transform your business to become more efficient.

Hootsuite enables members to manage several social media/web sites on one stream including:

There is also a feature which allows the user to add other channels such as YouTube, but this increases the monthly fee.

In terms of content, Hootsuite enables users to schedule posts with no date restriction- you can currently post in 2019 if you wish! It also has a feature where you can schedule bulk tweets at once, which is much better than uploading each individual tweet.

Using a Twitter account on Hootsuite has the biggest amount of benefits, not only can you bulk upload tweets, but you can add a stream of Keywords into your tab. For example, here at Bigwave, we would have a stream with the word ‘Bigwave‘ and another for ‘Marketing Exeter‘ to see whats happening outside our mentions.  It is also possible to see individual page dashboards and users are able to retweet, favourite and reply to any tweets.

One useful feature of this system is that it can give monthly analytics on how the pages have performed, incorporated into this is Google analytics which can give some great insights into how your business is performing in terms of web.

All-in-all, Hootsuite can transform your business by increasing the efficiency. Your businesses social media channels will be more in-sync and will enable you to spend more time on other project.

Here at Bigwave, we’ve been shouting about Hootsuite for years and have incorporated it into many of our services. If you would like to know more about how Hootsuite can benefit your business, feel free to contact us here.

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