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Four tips for creating the perfect brand logo

Your brand logo defines who you are to yourself, your colleagues and your customers. A brand logo represents your company to the outside and might have a bigger impact than you think. Therefore, it is essential for the logo to meet certain criteria.

1.       Keep it simple

Logos that are kept simple are easier to memorize. A study showed that logos start to influence our life in the childhood. From the age of 8 onwards every child can match logos correctly.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist of the Mona Lisa, said once: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Companies that are trying to create logos of high complexity often fail to keep it simple. They want to stand out from the competitors but forget while creating that simplicity is the key to success.

Furthermore, it is important that you consider the format. Your logo must be versatile and has to look good on different surfaces.

2.       Consider the context

Your brand logo needs to show what your company stands for.  Hence, it is of great significance that there are elements in your logo that identify your brand. This context can be added to your logo through different elements (color, typography, etc.).

3.       Be original

If you want to create your perfect brand logo, it is essential that it is original. Do not try to imitate your competitors. Otherwise, you will either increase their presence or, in a worst-case scenario, receive a trademark infringement notice. Your logo must be unique and tailored to your brand and follow the first two criteria set out above.

If you want your logo to be protected by a trademark you can apply to register a trademark.

4.       Ask the people around you

If you are happy with your design, you should ask the people surrounding you what they think of the design. They can give feedback and provide some insight on how it might be received.

If they understand what your business does and are not convinced with your idea, it would make sense to listen to their feedback and go back to the drawing board to tweak or create a new logo.

If you are struggling to get your ideas onto paper or would like professional creative or brand guidance please contact our team of in-house graphic designers.

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