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7 simple ways leisure facilities can engage with customers using social media

Social media provides an ideal channel for leisure facilities  to use to engage with their current and potential member base. However, there are so many things you can do using social media, knowing where to start can seem a bit daunting. We thought we’d help by narrowing it down to seven easy steps that could help really make an impact for your leisure facility.

  1. Provide useful info on a regular basis – this includes news, class timetables, availability of facilities and new/forthcoming events. This will allow your members and non-members to easily access the information they are interested in on the platform that they are most likely to be using. This will encourage them to sign-up for activities and book facilities.
  2. Provide top tips on how to keep fit and healthy, manage diet and improve at particular sports etc – this content is likely to be shared by your followers/fans with their friends via tweets, Facebook Notes or blogs. This will help you increase reach within your target audience.
  3. On Twitter follow local profiles and assign those of particular interest to applicable Twitter lists – filtering in this way will help you to closely follow those of particular interest in order to engage with them more often. For example, you could have a list for members and a list for prospects. Alternatively lists could be organised by different sports or activities.
  4. On Facebook post messages on location based Facebook Pages – many cities, large towns and counties have Facebook Pages with thousands of fans. Lots of individuals and businesses are contributing posts to them. By doing this too, you will be reaching out to a much wider audience online.
  5. On LinkedIn engage with local business professional groups by providing advice on how to escape work, relieve stress and pressure etc.
  6. Be visual – post photos and videos – ideal content to share via social media platforms to engage your customer base. For example, you could provide a virtual tour of your facilities or post photos of events.
  7. Encourage your member base to engage with and recommend your leisure facility via social media – have a leaflet you can give out with your profiles on it and put posters up around the site. This will help them to easily find you on the platforms they like to use.

We hope you find this info useful. For more social media and marketing info follow us on Twitter at @bigwavemedia.

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