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12 things you only know if you work at Bigwave

Some of us Bigwave veterans have seen our fair share of interesting things in this office. We’ve experienced joys, ups and downs and overall, some great times.

Just think of us as the real-life version of The Office (but we actually work and take our first aid classes seriously). Here are just some of the things a non-Bigwaver wouldn’t know about the average Bigwaver’s existence.

1. Campaign madness! You start to feel the pressure just that little bit more in the run-up to Summer and Christmas.

But learn how to relax again at our summer and Christmas parties. Fellow bigwaver’s can earn a little more love if they buy mini milks during the sweltering summer office hours


2. Looking down from the glass meeting room and feeling all powerful. Mwah ha ha.

Somebody (correction: a big heap of people) isn’t adhering to the tidy desk policy!


3. The Quay is the only place to start for a cheeky bevvie. But really, all roads lead to George’s Meeting House.

Although it’s a surprise any of us remember the journey at all…


4. Radio X is essentially the soundtrack of our working lives

It’s not a popular choice. It’s not like Chris Moyles has a voice that can be easily blocked out.


5. When you accidentally click the documents section on Proad (our internal workflow system)…

Might as well go and complete my ENTIRE YEAR’S work in the time this takes to load.


6. Hack events.

If you want to see a Bigwaver with their claws out, this is the time. Competition is fierce, tensions are high. It’s all in the name of fun! Our Easter Egg hunt, in particular, is a much-anticipated annual event and a great way to learn more about the city.


7. When someone in the office has the same first name as a client #awkward.

It’s never a good idea to rush an email without checking the to line first, as our account manager Larry found out the hard way… ‘has anyone had my Vaseline?


8. On Friday 13th, Tom makes tea

Many moons ago, a tradition was born from Operations Director, Tom’s, inability to make tea for anyone but himself. Now, he must make tea for anyone that requests it on Friday 13th. So if you’re awaiting an urgent response from Tom, it might be worth checking the calendar…


9. Being the one to discover a distinct lack of milk in the fridge…

Woe betide you if you’re the person who has to take a trip to McColls to get the next load.


10. Working next to Fitness First

For the fitness bunnies amongst us, this is a fabulous opportunity to squish some gym time into their day – plus, you get an extra 15-minute lunch break and a corporate membership discount. For those of us who tend to put fitness off for another day (every day) it’s just another guilty reminder – amid myriad gym marketing collateral we’re working on – that we need to sort our lives out.


11. Learning more in 5 minutes of walking through the door on your first day than three years of uni.

A personal interjection, if I may. When I finished uni, I didn’t have a clue what a CRM, CMS or API was (if I’m being completely honest I failed my IT GCSE). Now, I can quite niftily navigate a bespoke website build and use API’s frequently in my day-to-day work. I can even do some simple HTML if pushed.


12. When a pigeon gets in through the window, that is a reasonable excuse to spectate said pigeon until it leaves

A wasp, however – that’s a different matter.

Hats off to our #TeamBigwave family!

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