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Why is deaf awareness important?

Hello, my name is Kenneth, I am 19-years-old and I am studying Level 1 Media at Exeter College. Also, I am a student at Exeter Deaf Academy. This week, I have been doing a work placement at Bigwave media, to learn the ins and outs of the marketing world and gain some practical experience.

Soon I will be studying Level 2 Media and hopefully in future I would like to work in media for example at the BBC, ITV or work in Marketing. I am interested in computers for example iMacs, in editing on software called Adobe Premiere and also I like iMovie. The segment I am doing is – why is deaf awareness important?

I chose that idea because I want to promote the idea for my academy moving to Exmouth and we want to show hearing people in Exmouth that they can learn sign language before we move.

My campaign

This week I have been promoting the idea for the Academy moving to Exmouth and I want to show hearing people in Exmouth that they can learn sign language before we move to Exmouth.

To help show people, I have to make a poster and leaflet to understand more about the Academy moving to Exmouth:

With the poster, I am going to make 8 posters of activities that people can do, it means they will have to look for posters in local shops that have QR code with a link that will have a sign for hearing people to learn.

With the leaflet, I am going to make 8 leaflets that will help hearing people in Exmouth know where to find the posters on maps, also it will hopefully help deaf people to know about it. I want to show people in Exmouth that they can independently learn to sign and also raise deaf awareness. I also want hearing people in Exmouth to know about the Deaf Academy moving to Exmouth.


 Working with #TeamBigwave

On the first day I was excited as I was looking forward to finding out what is it like in Bigwave Media. On the first and second days, it was a bit difficult to know how I could get hearing people to know about the Deaf Academy; then on the third and fourth days I was enjoying working with the Graphic Design team because I wanted to learn how to make a poster, leaflet and edit on different software. They taught me how to use different programmes and I found it very interesting and I was very happy that I learned how to use them.

During my time at Bigwave, I have learnt more that’s linked to my media course. This has helped me to know what jobs I want to do in future. I actually enjoyed it and it was lovely working with the team well as working with graphics design.

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