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Why Advertising on TV is Still Relevant in 2022

There are more digital marketing channels available than ever, and with growing trends, there are always more being created. Because of this, it can often be recognized that traditional marketing methods are likely to be overlooked, especially when it comes to TV advertising – but this isn’t exactly correct. 

In this blog, we look into why advertising on television is still relevant in 2022 and how consumers prefer to digest the content being advertised to them.

Why TV?

Multiple studies have shown that TV is one of the most trustworthy methods of digital advertising as it has the largest impact on sales. Recently, video marketing has shown that short-term videos are more useful when grabbing a viewer’s attention.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field from Amplified Intelligence conducted a study by looking at multiple channels, including TV, BVOD, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to see the best channel for short-term advertising. The top two channels for this were TV and BVOD, as it showed that even though these advertisements were typically longer than what is shown on the likes of YouTube and Facebook, the consumers were still heavily impacted up to 28 days after viewing the advertisements. From this study, it is evident that the impact of TV advertisements can highly benefit your ROI for your business.

How Trustworthy is TV?

Thinkbox has considered TV to be the most trustworthy advertising channel. When consumers see an advertisement on TV, they know how many other people are watching that ad. As an audience, you can trust that it has been made by professionals.

TV advertising is very well regulated due to its high standards, so it is unlikely any scandals or inappropriate advertising placements will take place. TV advertisements give brands a lot of credibility, which is why many businesses are looking to place their ads here.

As viewing habits have changed significantly, the rise in digital devices has altered the way we communicate with businesses. Nowadays, consumers watch TV differently as streaming devices have been introduced. This opens many doors for advertising, as companies will benefit from brand campaigns being more accurately targeted than before.

Ideally, TV and digital campaigns should work together for the best results, as making the most out of your brand’s TV assets in the right digital space will give your campaign more consistency and reach. In addition to this, it is a cost-effective way to make the most out of your advertisement.

Why Broadcasting is Important

Broadcast television is still a large part of many consumers’ lives since most of these channels can be broadcasted on everyone’s household TV. Thinkbox has found data that shows that broadcast TV takes up 68% of an average person’s day in terms of video advertising. This can tell us that it is more valued than online content from channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Advertisements that are shown ‘live’ is a huge benefit for you and your business, as well as for your audience, since with live TV there is no option to fast-forward or skip. Awareness campaigns for big brands would specifically do well with this marketing method if they have a large target audience across the nation. This is an excellent way to let your audience know about your new service or product as consumers’ trust in TV advertisements can help to strengthen the perception of your business.

Why Creativity is Important

Brands are releasing advertisements that hold a lot of creative value whilst still presenting their products with positivity and benefits. It is obvious that consumers won’t waste time watching something that doesn’t interest them enough. Brands should reward their audience for the attention they give, so providing your ads with good entertainment and humour will improve them. It has been found that videos that emotionally involve an audience will encourage them to engage with the ad. Involving a story in your ad will encourage your audience to watch it from the beginning to the end, which will give you a better response.


The relationship between online sources and TV is becoming significantly closer, and we think that this is going to be continued. This relationship is important as it can considerably strengthen your campaigns so that your brand can achieve the best results. It is important to recognize that TV is still a vital part of a brand’s advertising, so we think that it should be the main component for both your online and offline campaigns.

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