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Tried & Tested Ways That’ll Boost TikTok Engagement

TikTok is like other social media platforms that allow you to like, comment and share content, but this platform focuses on video.

TikTok has a unique algorithm that allows most users’ content to be seen no matter how many followers they have. The algorithm detects whether content has been shared with another user, how much time you spent watching a video, and how many times you have viewed it, tailoring your feed to the content you like.

Useful Ways to Boost TikTok Engagement

1. Give Engagement to get Engagement

Like most social media platforms, TikTok mostly works in the same way concerning engagement. You must give just as much engagement to other people you are following or to your followers, to receive the amount of engagement you would like for your channel.

2. The Three-Second Rule

It’s been confirmed that the first three seconds of a TikTok are the most important, as this is where viewers will decide whether they want to view the rest of your content. If you can include a good CTA within these first few seconds then you’re likely to gain more viewers, which essentially should turn into a higher engagement rate.

3. Trending Videos and Audio

When you see a trending video or audio, it’s important to make use of it. Trends are trends for a reason, so if you can catch them early then this could be really beneficial for your channel. If the trend continues to grow and you have created a good response, then it’s likely that your video will do well in terms of engagement.

4. Utilise the Q&A Feature

One of the best features of TikTok is that you can respond to comments using a video, in the form of a new TikTok. This can be really beneficial to use since it shows your audience that you’re willing to continue a conversation, and it also shows credibility on the users’ behalf since you’re presenting a more personal style of responding to a statement or a question, rather than just responding via the comments section.

TikTok also recently added the Q&A feature, which is a very similar concept. Ensure you use the Q&A feature too to help build strong relationships on your platform.

5. Live Stream

Another great feature of TikTok is its live stream feature. Like Instagram, TikTok’s live streams are a great way to get your channel and content to appear in the ‘Explore’ section. If you own a business, live videos are a great way to connect with your audience, so you can show them in real time what you have to offer. Since the start of TikTok shop, many businesses have started to use this feature in hand to boost engagement.

6. Take Inspiration from Other Channels

It’s important to find similar channels to yours so that you have somewhere to look for inspiration. Whilst noting that you shouldn’t copy, it’s not harmful to take inspiration from where you can. You have to think that most of the successful channels on TikTok have most likely taken inspiration from others, so don’t be afraid to do so yourself.

7. Make Use of the Descriptions

TikTok has recently made a big change by increasing the character count within descriptions from 300 to 2200. This is a large jump in characters which will become very beneficial to users, especially business channels. It’s important to make the most out of this change since now you will be able to share more information about your content.

8. Consider Investing in TikTok Ads

Since TikTok has one of the most engaging user bases, its ads offer businesses an opportunity to be discovered by a highly engaged audience. It’s been confirmed that 72% of TikTok users find the advertising feature on the platform encouraging, so this shows how businesses are continuously trying to improve their ads so that they align with users’ interests.

Whilst these were the main proven ways to improve your engagement, there are more ways being discovered every day. It’s important to research on your own behalf too, to find out what could work best for you and your business. However, the most important takeaway from this blog should be that posting quality content consistently is key to a cohesive improvement in engagement.

Also, remember that it’s not always about having a strict regime, but about having fun and showing your creative side! The more unique and engaging your content is, it’s more likely that users will see your account.

If you need any help with social media management, why not get in touch with our team today?

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