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The best industry April fool’s pranks in 2017

April Fools is traditionally a day where the tricksters come out to play. So it’s great when fun-loving companies mastermind totally bonkers ideas to grab the attention of an audience. Take a look at the best pick of this year’s innovative pranks, dreamt up by some big industry names and let us know if you were convinced by any.

1.      Honda

Show your fellow drivers how you’re really feeling with the new ‘Honda Horn Emoji’s’ – whatever your mood, there is an emoji for it! Whether it’s to say a friendly ‘hello’ to your neighbour or to share your frustration with fellow drivers stuck in traffic, communication is a push of a button away!

2.       Ikea

Ikea-Singapore is about to transform its playground, into a ‘press-play-ground’. Ikea’s studies have shown that today’s children prefer their tablets to physical activity. So, they are replacing the magical forest with a haven of sitting pods with tablets – recreating the way your children want to play.

 3.       Turkey Hill Dairy

Happy cows = better milk. That’s why Turkey Hill has created the world’s first dating website, just for cows. CowsOnly is the world’s number one resource for bovine-related romance:

 4.       Lexus

In America (bear in mind the drive on the right side of the road), Lexus has introduced the Lexus Lane Valet. It hijacks slow-moving cars hogging the left lane and forces them to move over.

 5.       Pizza Hut and O&M London

Grab your slice of heaven at Pizza Hut’s newly released ‘Spa Retreat’. Set in a secluded location, the retreat has been created for the use of Pizza Hut’s most passionate pizza lovers with a line-up of pizza inspired treatments. “So why not bake yourself in our pizza oven saunas” and “relax with a garlic dip”?

 6.       Krispy Kreme

PEOPLE OF THE UK! American doughnut company, Krispy Kreme is giving the UK a helping hand by changing its name to ‘Krispy Cream’ – the rebrand is down to us Brits not knowing whether to pronounce it ‘Cream’ or ‘Crème’.

 7.       Subway

On April 1st Subway launched its first ice cream range – inspired by the nation’s most loved Subs. The ‘SUBzero’ range is available in three flavours for a limited time only: Meatball Marinara, Chicken Tikka & Tuna.

 8.       Royal Caribbean

On April 1st 2017, the Royal Caribbean announced that in 2021 they will be launching the world’s first ski resort at sea. The ship is an ideal location for travellers who are stuck between the idea of a ski or cruise holiday.

 9.       The Royal Mint

Just days after the new 12-sided £1 coin entered circulation, the Royal Mint have confirmed they will be followed by a 99p version this summer. The new coin has been designed to bring a smile to those who are too tight to part with a pound or those who are sick of copper coins in their change.

 10.  Dominos UK

The ‘Door-minos’ invention is a must for anyone who wants a pizza waiting for them when they return from a long working day or big night out – or for those who don’t like answering the door! Coming soon…

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