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QR Codes

We are very excited about QR codes and our clients are increasingly getting excited about them too!

QR Codes (Quick Response) are mobile phone readable barcodes that have been big in Japan for donkeys years, but are now growing in use across Europe and the US. It is basically a printed URL link – simply point a smart phone at it and if the phone has an app for QR codes installed on it, it will open up a browser and go straight to the URL. 

There’s a whole range of uses for the QR Codes though – they don’t just have to direct you to a webpage. QR codes can open up on your phone as a phone number, a pre-written SMS message, a contact V-Card, a Google map location – even a pre-pay paypal page! The options are endless and there is potential to use them throughout all of your marketing materials.

Stick a QR code on a poster and take your customer straight to a sign up form. Pop it on a business card and your contact details will be added direct to their address book. Add it to a direct mail and show people a video of your product or service. So many options!!

Our QR creation system allows us to amend the QR code in future to essentially point it to a different address or update the info it contains. Add to this the ability to track the number of times it is scanned and when it was scanned and you’ve got a great marketing tool.

If you have a QR reader on your phone, try the one below, it will take you to our Facebook page.

If you’d like to start using QR codes on your marketing material just drop us a line at [email protected]

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