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Proofhub – your online proofing tool

Client surveys and insightful comments highlighted the amendment process as an area clients would like us to work on to improve. We have listened to client feedback and developed a state of the art system to improve the amendment process. Over the next week, all Bigwave Media clients will be introduced to our new system called Proofhub. This upgrade is free.

This smart online proofing tool manages the review and approval process of creative content, restructuring the delivery of your marketing projects. We hope this will significantly enhance your experience by improving accuracy, efficiency and speed, and ultimately streamlining the amend process.

“The team at Bigwave is excited at the development of Proofhub and we can’t wait to share this new service and start to see the results. We have consciously listened to important client feedback and made the decision to completely change the proofing process. Proofhub will be pivotal in improving the client experience and will provide a streamlined and innovative way of working.”

Tom Gozna
Operations Director

Here’s how your relationship with Bigwave Media may improve through the benefits of Proofhub:

Mark-Up and Commenting Tools

  • Easy-to-use, non-technical visual tools;
  • Concise feedback process ensuring no amends are lost in translation;

Collaborative Workflow

  • Simultaneous or consecutive real-time discussions;
  • Eliminates multiple emails through the standardised review process;

Easily Manage the Approval Process

  • Track activity progress;
  • Enhanced project management through the development of proof deadlines;
  • Final, electronic sign-offs decided by a lead reviewer;
  • Synchronised versions archived in Proofhub to easily review design progression;

Preview Large Files in Seconds

  • Faster distribution of digital content;
  • No need to download PDF’s and use multi programmes;
  • Safeguards artwork, eliminating the risk of downloading low-res proofs.

We have recently trialled the system with a number of clients and found the online proofing tool to be a great success. Below is some of the feedback we have received so far:

Proofhub makes the difference! It provides an elegant and simple way to amend any
artwork, no matter how complex. The comment tools allow the user to pinpoint and
amend their proofs in a clear format without the need to explain everything in an email.
The drawing tools also make it easy to illustrate your thoughts. We at DCLT have found
it has significantly improved the whole proofing process, fast, effective and simple; It’s a
pleasure to use.”

Jordan Sharples
Marketing Co-ordinator
Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust

Proofhub is working well for me. This is mainly because it reduces the amount
of emails and eliminates the need to attach sign off and amends forms.
Overall I think it is efficient and easy to use.”

Corinne Jones
Marketing Assistant
Soll Leisure

Proofhub is very quick and easy to use system which has saved me time and is not an
over complicated site. I have had some training but have found that with regular
use of the site you can pick it up really quickly on your own.”

Sheryl Kirkby
Group Marketing Executive
Impulse Leisure

Proofhub will generate a much better proofing process, resulting in quicker project turnaround times. We aim to complete each job’s review and approval process within the six pdf versions per job that are automatically provided by the Proofhub system and your service level agreement (SLA). However, should you require more than the available six versions, each additional proof will be charged at £10. Any errors created by Bigwave Media during the amendment process will not be charged.

Upgrade to a Satellite Account

A Satellite account is an upgraded account, allowing you to benefit from additional features such as your own dashboard.  The online dashboard is set up and managed from within your personalised account. The dashboard enables easy access and management of all current proofs and historical jobs.

A Satellite Account will also enable you to review your Proofhub proofs on the move using a free app which is available to download on the Apple iTunes store.

Satellite accounts are available to purchase for an £800 annual subscription for up to 5 users.

We will be contacting all clients to arrange a Proofhub training session. If you have any questions, or to book your session now, please call 0845 643 2385 or email [email protected]

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