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No two businesses are the same. You don’t need the same website as everyone else.

Like it or not, your presence on the internet is incredibly important. Many people spend their time on the internet looking for products or services, browsing blogs, watching entertainment channels, and more.

No matter the size of your business, having a unique, clear, and responsive website has become crucial. Your website is often the first interaction that your potential customers have with your brand, so you need to make sure they’re impressed.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why your website should be unique to you, your products or services, your brand values, your tone of voice, and your brand identity as a whole. When your potential customer lands on your website, you should stand out from your competitors.

Why is having a unique website so important? In this blog, we’ll explore why standing out online is vital and how you achieve a website that reflects your brand.


Your website is a 24/7 open store front

Having a website means that your customers can find – and make a purchase from – you at anytime and from anywhere. This means that you can continue making money beyond business hours.

Just like a physical store front, though, your website needs to ooze the personality of your brand. If your customer buys into your brand values and brand identity, they’re much more likely to actually buy from you.

If your website looks like all the other websites in your sector, then you’re losing your personality.

You’re unique. Let your website reflect your uniqueness.


It can boost your credibility

Not only is there an expectation for any reputable company to have some kind of online presence in today’s world, but companies are expected to have a clear point of view too. Potential customers would probably distrust any business that didn’t have a telephone number or a physical address, and the same can be said for not having a website that reflects your brand identity.

A website that reflects your point of view and brand tone of voice not only lets your potential customers evaluate your products, services, and company, but also sets a great tone for any further interactions in other areas of your business.


Inject personality into your website with testimonials

One of the most important pages on your website is your testimonials page. This is a great place to show off all the happy customers you’ve acquired.

What’s more, it can be a fantastic opportunity to show how your unique brand perspective has solved your customers’ problems and resulted in a sale of your products or services.

Ultimately, it’s another vehicle for your unique perspective.


Stand out from your competitors

Every day, more and more competitors are coming onto the scene. This means that you need to make sure your potential customers are coming to you, not your competition.

Even if you sell similar products or services for similar prices, there are still massive differences between you and your competition. Whether this is your tone of voice, brand values, history, or other reasons, your website is a great opportunity to show off these differences.

A website that’s tailored to you and your unique brand means that you can stand apart from your competitors and be more visible to your target audience.


How can I get a unique website?

Here at Bigwave, we’re experts in making your brand stand out from the competition. Our team of web design specialists can work with you to create a website that wows.

Get in touch today for a free quote.

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