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Is Social Media becoming part of your personality?

Did you know that 72% of all internet users have some link to social media?

It wasn’t long ago that people were picking up newspapers instead of iPads, Walkman’s instead of iPhones, books instead of a Kindle or even having a face-to-face conversation rather than social updates. But times have changed and you can no longer escape being connected to the world. We find ourselves checking-in at the gym on Facebook or uploading a photo of our indulgent Starbucks hot chocolate to Instagram. But are people growing too accustom to the sharing lifestyle?

The rapid growth of technology in the 21st century has contributed to the unlimited access we now have to our various accounts, whether you’re travelling to work or on holiday. Mark Zuckerberg tends to find out you’re in a relationship quicker than your parents! However, social sharing has become a way of life where it feels necessary to share stories with readers. Believe it or not, 57% of users communicate via social media rather than real life. That explains why we’re always hearing “I’m definitely going to tweet that”!

Question time!
What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Grab a cuppa? Have a Shower? Get some breakfast?
I bet you don’t do any of that! You probably do what most of the population do, instead of getting your morning caffeine fix, you spend your morning scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed or catching up on Snapchat’s you’ve missed during the night. (Yes, I am one of the many even if I don’t like to admit it!)

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular channels available at our fingertips and how they may be integrated into your personality:

  • Facebook

Facebook has created an open forum where users can share, like and comment with people we have let into our circle of friends.

  • Twitter

Twitter offers a platform for news, politics, travel and gossip, ensuring information is delivered to people in real-time. It offers the ability to connect with celebrities and converse with companies. Where else can you view worldwide trends with a simple #Hashtag?

  • Instagram

Prefer to use images rather than words to keep up-to-date? Instagram is probably the platform for you! Now be honest, how many ‘selfies’ with flattering filters have you shared in the last month?

  • Pinterest

As simple as the title, you pin your interests! Whether it’s a wish list, mood board or bucket list, we’re pretty sure hours have passed whilst searching on this growing platform.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the industry based channel and essentially an online CV. Work connections, industry trends and job inquiries; LinkedIn is the place to boost your work and education achievements.

Of course there are loads more channels that can be accounted for such as Google + and Foursquare. Whatever your choice of sharing, we ask the question again; is social media becoming part of your personality?

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