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Increase your brand awareness with Spotify

As a full-service agency, we encourage our clients to take a 360 view when it comes to planning their campaign strategy. Utilising a variety of channels to convey your message means your audience is more likely to notice and engage with your ads.

Thanks to Spotify, audio ads are more accessible and cost-effective than ever. Long gone are the days of producing expensive ads and airing them into the void, with no tangible measurement of success. Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence means we can deliver ads directly to your target audience based on age, location, gender identity, and interests, while also receiving real-time performance reports. On top of being perfect for brand awareness, ads are also clickable, letting you can drive sales and awareness at the same time.

As if that wasn’t enough, Spotify also provides the rare opportunity to connect with highly engaged consumers at times when search and social can’t. By drawing on their catalogue of over 3 billion playlists and 500,000 podcasts, we can target listeners while they are driving, studying, cooking, gaming, and working out.

At Bigwave, we’ve managed Spotify campaigns in industries from fitness to arts festivals, tech to education. We know how to deliver successful campaigns that add value to your marketing strategy.

We have a track record of successful Spotify campaigns

The table below highlights just a few of our clients’ Spotify campaigns:

Home Fitness Campaign £750 Reach over 84,000 / 631 Clicks
Tech Campaign £1,365.00 Reach over 60,000 / 595 Clicks
Zoo Campaign £250 Reach over 10,800 / 65 Clicks
Arts Festival £250 Reach over 6,970 / 55 Clicks
Physio Clinic £250 Reach over 18,600 / 161 Clicks

4 key benefits to advertising on Spotify


  • More Opportunity

Users spend an average of 2+ hours streaming music across the platform and tend to stay in-app much longer than any other channel.

  • Perfect Target Audience

Campaigns can be specific in their targeting. In addition to age, gender identity, and location, we can target based on interests and streaming behaviour.

  • Measurable Results

Unlike radio advertising, results are measurable and can be reported easily.

  • Well-Rounded Campaigns

Including audio ads in your campaign delivery will give your campaign more variety. Consumers are more likely to remember your message if it is delivered cohesively across platforms.

If that hasn’t convinced you, the prices will. Spotify campaign management with Bigwave start at just £150 + ad spend (min £250). Cost includes ad set up, targeting, and reporting. Plus, FREE audio creation. That means absolutely no studio, actor, or editing fees! Want to increase your brand awareness with Spotify packages? Get in touch with Bigwave’s Paid Media team today.

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