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In a digital world, is traditional marketing still relevant?

In a marketing world where everyone seems to be advocating digital media as the way forward, traditional marketing methods such as direct sales, TV, radio and print advertising may seem impractical and ineffective in comparison. But we believe they can still be a worthwhile investment!

Although expensive, and often requiring professional help at additional cost, traditional methods can be much more personal and result in a more positive customer response. Particularly when targeting a demographic with a lower online presence (only 48% of all adults in the UK regularly use the internet), traditional marketing is likely to be the only way to reach them.

Billboard advertising is perhaps the most cost effective marketing method and is especially useful for local business and geographical targeting. From phone boxes and bus stops to shopping centres and roadside billboards, outdoor advertising offers direct contact with the target market: local people.

TV and radio advertising is an ideal way of ensuring your message is delivered to the right people. Viewing statistics highlight the demographics of different programmes and, by placing your advert on the right channel at the right time, you will be marketing to thousands of potential customers.

Similarly, purchasing advertising space in print publications is an effective method of reaching appropriate markets. However, while print items such as catalogues and magazines give consumers tangible material to peruse at their leisure, many publications have converted to downloadable issues due to the cost of printing and a decline in advertising revenue.

Another concern of traditional marketing is that it is often hard to track the results and without quantitative data, businesses are unlikely to invest their money. Also, several forms of advertising, most notably direct sales, are often forced upon the customer, resulting in a negative marketing impact.

With the right message and marketing strategy, these traditional methods can still be highly effective. Consider the target market and tailor the advertising plan with the intention of converting, and keeping, those customers.

Bigwave Media can help you with your traditional marketing needs. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

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