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How to link traditional media with new media, and why you should be doing it

In our last blog post we spoke about how traditional media still has a place in an increasingly digital arena. However, it can often seem that the success of online marketing has made traditional methods almost redundant. Connecting with customers through social networks, email, mobile texts and apps is, when utilised correctly, far more cost effective than direct sales, print or TV advertising and gives consumers the opportunity to research the products and companies before committing to buy. And with 84% of the UK online, eMarketing grants access to an incredible audience.

However, the marketing method that will drive the best results is entirely dependent on the target market. Lowest internet use is among those aged over 65, the widowed and disabled. These groups, along with the 52% of UK adults who do not regularly use the internet, typically respond better to traditional methods and many reportedly prefer receiving letters to emails.

So many businesses are now exclusively online and it can be hard for ‘bricks and mortar’ companies to compete. While the classic methods are not yet obsolete, conventions are changing and it is important to understand and accept the benefits of web and social media marketing. Aside from the magnitude of an online audience, these resources provide an instant connection and constant communication and feedback with customers, allowing businesses to develop their strategy to maximise results. Features such as search engine optimisation and page ads on popular websites (i.e. Facebook, YouTube) are designed to enhance the marketing model and garner more traffic for the main business site.

There are also a few techniques that use the traditional and digital media together. Although the popularity of QR codes has dwindled slightly recently, they are still an effective way of linking a website or social media profile to a poster or leaflet. Posting press releases in online news rooms and on your website increases links and content, both of which are key for successful search engine optimisation.

The key is to develop a strategy that combines the old and the new, conducting market research to determine the approach that is best suited to the target audience. Including URLs for websites and social networks in traditional adverts, whether video or print, increases page views and customer conversions. TV advertising still retains a wide audience and, once produced, the same advert can also be used online. The recommended balance is 80% online and 20% traditional, but again this can be adjusted and will always be dependent on the market.

The print and digital teams at Bigwave Media work closely together to ensure an integrated marketing strategy for our clients is planned and executed effectively. To find out more about our services please contact Simon Beer, [email protected].

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