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Google launches news feed to personalise search results

The world’s most popular website now has a new feature to help personalise people’s search results in their flagship smartphone app.

Rolled out on July 19th, Google’s new update has seen the space under the search bar become populated with articles, videos and content tailored to people’s interests. The new-fangled news feed has replaced Google Now– an artificial personal assistant providing up-to-date information on weather, traffic and sports.

Google gets personal

Previewed originally in December on the Android app, the update has now been rolled out on iOS and allows users to follow categories relating to their interests, such as travel, TV, sports.

People can even follow weather, sport and traffic, allowing the technology conglomerate to not stray too far from the Google Now brand. The news feed will also compile information based on a user’s history.

Individuals will have the option to hit a ‘done’ button to avoid seeing further content from a particular author or news on a particular topic should it disinterest them.

Rather than simply sharing current events, news will be focused more on relevancy than time. Google described this as a sign of the company’s strengths, giving people the option to view articles they may have missed in the first instance.

How’s your SEO?

Google’s hope is that people will begin to check the news feed as instinctively as they check Facebook, Twitter and other information sources.

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