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Target adult non-swimmers with free analysis of your market

Following recent news reports and with the launch of the Bigsplash campaign to get adults swimming Big Wave Media is offering ‘Big Solution‘ leisure clients free adult non-swimmer analysis of their market to determine the potential number of non-swimming adults in their community.

Over one in five adults in the UK cannot swim and many more are still unaware of the various benefits and initiatives that are available to enjoy.

Big Wave Media wants to support the move to get adults more active by helping clients find this market. Using Experian Demographics we identify how many potential adult non swimmers live in the community.

You can read more about the story in the news here:
BBC Sport Relief Big Splash News page
BBC News Sport Swimfit article

This report is free to ‘Big Solution‘ clients. To obtain your free report please contact your Account Manager or Nick Masson .

With experience in digital marketing trends and a keen interest in emerging technologies, I love solving complex problems using tech in new and unusual ways. I consider myself a digital handyman and the web is my playground.

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