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Dr. Bike helps drive sustainable work commutes

Last week, #TeamBigwave visited the doctor (doctors, if you count Jodie Whittaker’s entrance as the first female timelord – what an episode). But it wasn’t our health under the spotlight. Instead, our bicycles were scrutinised during a Drop-in session from Dr. Bike.

Dr. Bike is a national initiative that sees trained bike mechanics visiting organisations to make safety checks on bicycles. Bigwave’s own session was delivered by The Bike Shed, a Devon-based bicycle shop chain.

With the number of #TeamBigwavers ditching their cars in favour of cycling or walking to work growing, the Dr. Bike visit posed the perfect opportunity to build on existing sustainable commutes.

Bigwavers were encouraged to bring in their own bikes and even those of family and friends. Bikes were then mounted onto a repair stand, sprayed and checked over. Simon Shirley-Smith, Store Manager and spokes-person at Crediton, was responsible for performing the safety checks. He said:

“We want as many people to be cycling into work as possible. Dr. Bike is a chance to encourage this. People are more likely to cycle in if their bikes are serviceable. If we can keep bikes running well, then cycling into work is safer and more pleasurable.”

As cycle-friendly cities go, it doesn’t get much better than Exeter. Most areas are within a 30-minute bike ride and it’s possible to get from A to B without touching the main road. It’s one of six Cycling Demonstration Towns across England.

Bigwave’s aim is to get as many people involved in healthy work commutes as possible. Whether that’s walking, jogging or cycling. Through workplace challenges, physical team-building activities and corporate gym membership, we’re pleased to say that the number of Bigwavers involved in physical activity is on the rise – hurrah!

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