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Bigwave media partners with South West Growth Service

Bigwave media has joined forces with local leading business consultancy firm the South West Growth Service (SWGS).

SWGS supports local businesses to discover and resolve specific challenges facing their brand. The partnership will allow both companies to use their differing expert skillsets in synergy to ensure the greatest outcomes for local businesses.

The move comes as a cherry on top of a particularly prolific growth spurt in the South West for Bigwave. In the second half of 2016 the agency opened up an office in Torquay and acquired Plymouth marketing agency Sigma, expanding their extensive product catalogue as a result.

Chris Lorimer, co-founder of South West Growth Service, said,

“This is a great addition for us – we need partners who are best in class and can provide exceptional support to our clients.  Bigwave have a great range of services especially in areas where our clients need more support, such as their website profile and social media strategy. 

“We have already introduced Bigwave to a number of clients and will be happy to do this with confidence going forward”.

Ronnie Halden, Head of Marketing and Creative Services for Bigwave, was quick to second this notion adding,

“We are delighted to enter into a partnering arrangement with SWGS. Their reputation as a leading management consultancy that gets results was well known to us, so the opportunity of ‘plugging into’ our range of services to enhance their offering is a good business decision for all those involved.”

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