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Bigwave Media embarks on MYZONE® Challenges

Fuelled by easy methods of transport and a sedentary work life, obesity continues to grow as a worldwide epidemic. Recent UK Active research has shown that increasing the current levels of physical inactivity by just 1% over the next five years could save numerous lives and the UK economy £1.2 billion. Therefore, engaging in active behaviour is more important than ever before.

As it is well publicised, using technology to aid your workouts can generate motivation by taking the guess work out of your fitness routine – why count calories when it can be done for you? Our client MYZONE® aim to improve the quality of life, by providing an accurate heart rate monitoring system to reward effort during physical activity. MYZONE® Effort Points (MEPs) accumulate for every minute of physical activity that a user spends in the 5 effort zones based on personal maximum heart rate. In a nutshell, the higher the intensity, the higher the number of MEPs earned.

Continuing from our previous UK Active Summit blog, Bigwave Media have taken action to turn the tide of inactivity, and this time we have evolved from standing meetings! Setting weekly MYZONE® challenges on the Bigwave Media online account, allows us to track the office MEP count and create a leader board for some healthy office competition.

Since fastening our MYZONE® belts at the beginning of 2014, we have managed to achieve over 20,000 MEPs and burn over a remarkable 100,000 calories! Thanks to the social method, it is now a morning race to the wireless console to see who earned the most MEP’s overnight (secretly hoping to beat the impressive efforts of our office Roller Derby queen)!

However, MYZONE® isn’t just for corporate wellness, as health clubs across the globe connect with the game based feature. Utilising the tool in group exercises, unique, real-time MYZONE® stats are displayed on a large TV screen, acting as a personal trainer without any of the shouting. This high-tech design maximizes the potential of each member whilst increasing club engagement.

As the infectious monitoring system continues to grow in popularity, it sheds a new light on activity – exercise no longer seems like such a tedious, uphill battle. Using the innovative MYZONE® technology at Bigwave Media, we have nurtured behavioural change towards physical activity in the workforce. As our challenges advance, please keep track of our progress and achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Our PR online health and fitness fact sheets reiterate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the positive effects exercise can have on an individual’s well being. As marketing specialists in the Leisure & Fitness industry, these can be a very useful advertising material when embarking on an active promotion. Please get in contact with us on 0845 643 2385 for more information about this service. For more information on how MYZONE® makes movement measurable, please visit their Facebook page.

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