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The BIG Topic: Engagement

This quarter we have been discussing the topic of customer engagement across a range of marketing platforms and why it plays a pivotal role in marketing across all interactive channels of marketing.

In this blog we wrap up all the key elements of marketing engagement we have previously discussed in a short summary, for an in-depth investigation into any of the topics we have covered you can read the full blog article.

What Is Engagement in Marketing?

Engagement in marketing is defined as using tailored, engaging customer interactions. In its essence, it is an interaction with the customer such as a reaction, a connection, a response, or an experience, with your company, your brand or with other customers.

Customers that follow CTAs on websites, blogs, and email marketing or like, comment or share your social media content are all engaging with your brand.

Why Is Engagement Important In Marketing?

Brands can often get tunnel vision when it comes to conversions, acquisition and clicks and it can be easy to forget about the importance of the process in between. Engaging with customers before and beyond their purchase can have a range of long-term benefits, such as increasing brand awareness and reach, promoting brand loyalty and building trust with your audience.

Furthermore, it can have an impact on your word for making money. Brands with strong customer engagement have seen increases in:

  • Cross-selling.
  • Up-selling.
  • Average order value.

Let’s dive into the topics we have covered on marketing engagement.

Emotional Design to Elevate User Engagement

Design plays a part in every element of marketing and it is pivotal in all forms, whether that be the graphic design on an Instagram grid post or the accessible functionality of a web page, good design can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one. Humans are inherently emotional beings and tapping into that aspect and marketing to it can increase the engagement rate of the campaign through to the conversion rate.

In our blog post on using emotional design to elevate user engagement, we discuss some of the ways you can include emotional design in your marketing. These include optimisation for accessibility, point and rewards schemes, creating valuable copy/content, graphic design and more.

Emotional design can be used across your entire marketing strategy and you should bear it in mind when strategizing, creating, and delivering your brand or business marketing.

Engagement On Social Media- Paid, Organic & Tik Tok

Engagement is the latest buzzword on social media, with many leading experts talking about the importance of increasing engagement on your social channels to build brand visibility. Engagement on social media refers to engagement such as likes, shares, and saves.

It is worth noting that the metric of engagement rate can often be the best indication of a social post’s performance and the reach that that post has rather than the number of followers the account has.

This quarter we explored the best way to increase your engagement on both paid and organic social media posts.

Best Practices to Increase Engagement in Paid Social Media Marketing

There are countless benefits to investing in paid social media advertising, and the main function of a sponsored social media post is to reach target prospects in a shorter amount of time. Paid media can be a fantastic way to promote a short-term campaign and increase its visibility of that campaign.

In addition to sustaining views, traffic, and engagement for the length of time your budget allows, paid social ads have the benefit of retargeting consumers to achieve an advertisement frequency that you can control.

Our Blog piece on the best practices to increase engagement on paid social media marketing can guide you through the best practices to adopt when creating your paid social strategy. We discuss topics such as:

  • Using the tools available to you.
  • Understand social media algorithms.
  • Boosting social posts.
  • Automated paid social ads.
  • And, targeting your audience.

Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

Increasing organic engagement is a slower process as there is no budget sitting behind the post to increase its visibility on your target feed. That is not to say that organic social media is not as important, it is equally as vital. Engagement on organic posts will increase the visibility to a wider audience so all forms of engagement are important in building a positive brand experience and curating meaningful relationships with your customer base.

In our blog cover tips to boost social media engagement, we offer advice on the best practices to incorporate into your social media posts. These can work on all social platforms and for both paid and organic social media.

We include guidance on the types of content that is engagement friendly, considerations about the tone of voice that resonates with your customers, advice on engaging and responding to your audiences and much more.

Tried & Tested Ways That’ll Boost TikTok Engagement

Short-form video content has taken the world by storm, and a large amount of online content creation is now delivered in this form. The interesting difference that TikTok has when compared to other social media platforms is the algorithm it uses, it places little on the number of followers an account has a choice to display the user content like previous content they have engaged with.

Understandably, creating high-value content that promotes the user to watch, like and share is vital for creating visibility on this platform. The piece we included this quarter on the tried and tested ways that’ll boost your TikTok engagement covers key qualities to adopt.

Iincreasing Email Marketing Engagement

Over the last 15 years, there has a multitude of new forms of marketing emerge such as social media or influencer marketing, however, email marketing remains one of the top forms of marketing for engaging with your target customer base.

Email marketing engagement refers to user events such as open rates, clicks and shares all of which turn leads into converting customers. Creating above average engagement rate, take some skill and forethought though, as generalised spam sales emails will often be left unopened by the receiver.

Creating a successful email marketing campaign is not as simple as it use to be, but by following our comprehensive guide to increasing email marketing engagement you can increase your engagement and conversion rate significantly.

Within the blog, we discuss the best practices such as creating an email marketing strategy and the segmentation of your email database, examples of successful email content and how to optimise and personalise your emails for increased engagement.

Easy Ways To Engage Readers In Your Blog

Our final blog within our engagement series covers the topic of blog engagement. Blog engagement can be a tricky one to ensure that individuals and engaging with your blog post viewing the page. There is an art to creating engaging blog copy due to the range of factors that can influence your writing and optimisation. Factors such as:

  • Audience.
  • Purpose/intent.
  • Product/service (B2B or B2C).
  • Topic competition.

In our piece on easy ways to engage readers in your blog we discuss all the necessary components to create a blog readers will want to engage with. We talk about topics such as planning a content schedule for success, optimising the content to ensure high rankings on search engines and copywriting and design tips.

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