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Advantages of Video Marketing

According to cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, with this extraordinary increase in traffic directed to video, we’d thought that we would write a blog post on the advantages of video marketing.

A strong video helps visually explain a product or service in a way that words simply can’t complete. Videos are increasingly being incorporated into marketing campaigns, with the rapid boost in video platforms like YouTube reaching billions of views a day- there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be tackling this trend.

Getting creative with your video often increases the amount of engagement it receives, there are several different spins that can be taken in regards to the content. The common choice would be actual film footage of the product of service that your business provides. This type of video alone can take a various angles depending on what you want to portray as a brand. For example, if you wanted to promote a fitness class, you would make the video fun to attempt to entice the viewer to attend the next session. However, if you were promoting a business event, you would want to take a more professional approach to the video. Videos can be pure film footage, animation/illustration or motion graphics, again depending on your objective.

The visual elements allow viewers to take in more information than what they usually would if they were reading written text. A study from the Online Publishers Association found that 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days in comparison to only a 10% retention rate when reading text.

One of the most vital parts is video marketing is the length of the video, if the video is too long then viewers will drop off which may not make the video effective. A short but concise video showing the services that your business provides usually optimises the video.

There are several platforms that your video can be published on, the main competitor is YouTube, this can then be linked to your Facebook page which can increase them reach of people that see your video. Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily views n Facebook doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion. This rapid deviation between a couple of months is phenomenal in regards to video marketing.

Here at Bigwave, we offer bespoke video packages including onsite filming, animation/illustration and even publishing and promoting the launch. For an informal chat about how your video can promote your product, please contact by either our contact form or by phoning us on 01392 492380.

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