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70% increase in medical neglience leads

Wolferstans provides a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of individuals, families, SME’s, public sector, and voluntary organisations based throughout the UK.

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The goal

Due to some of the services that Wolferstans provides being much more specialised and therefore less commonly required, it’s important that they are actively finding the people that need them. This is when Wolferstans appointed Bigwave to run and manage Paid Media (PPC) campaigns across the UK focusing on personal injury and medical negligence.

The strategy

Through managing targeted monthly PPC ads in high population density areas across the UK, Bigwave has been able to provide highly cost-effective routes to reaching Wolferstans’ key market. To achieve the kind of lead generation that they were looking for, we identified relevant keywords through research and advert optimisation. This helped to increase the number of click-throughs to the bespoke landing pages we created for each of the services, drive down the cost per click (CPC), and grow brand awareness across the UK. As you can see from the graph showing lead volumes from PPC, Bigwave’s Paid Media team were able to increase leads from 1 per month to 20 per week with a tailored Google Ads campaign strategy.

By holding meetings once a month with the client, Bigwave could review progress and agree actions to ensure maximum efficiency and targeting and the best ROI possible.

The results

Since Wolferstans moved their PPC management to Bigwave in 2019 and after ongoing optimisation we have brought in over 554 validated leads – increasing the conversion rate by 70% and reducing the cost per conversion by 145%. In addition, the cost per click has reduced by over 25% which has meant they are receiving more relevant traffic for a lower cost.

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