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Work Experience at Bigwave Media

This week, University of Exeter student Alice Clements has been gaining work experience with us. We asked her to write about how she found her time in our office:

Fresh from my first year at University, and with a very long summer ahead of me, I was looking for a work experience placement that would teach me about the social media and marketing industry and develop the skills I already had.

I was excited and a little bit nervous when Bigwave Media offered me a week with the PR and Digital Marketing Team, starting the very next Monday! The nerves disappeared when I arrived and the friendly atmosphere of the office helped me to relax, while everyone made sure I felt comfortable enough to ask any questions if and when I needed help.

Starting with Twitter, I found it fascinating working on the other side of social media, seeing the secrets behind the sites I use all the time. Over the week, I learned about Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites and mobile apps, researching for and writing blog posts and press releases for a variety of fields. Being given the space to complete tasks independently also helped me gain confidence in my work and learn to trust my instincts.

My experience at Bigwave Media has taught me a lot about internet marketing and the many ways a brand can develop its online presence to attract customers, techniques that, up until now, I have only been aware of as a consumer.

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