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The BIG Topic: Traditional Marketing

Over the last quarter, we have been exploring traditional marketing and looking at how it still has a powerful stance in the world of marketing.

Did you miss our blogs? Don’t worry, because in this blog we summarise all our traditional marketing blog topics into one, simple, and easy-to-read post.

Online vs. Offline Marketing: Why Combining the Two is Effective for Businesses

In this blog, we discuss what is meant by online and offline marketing, the difference between online and offline (also known as digital and traditional), along with both their advantages and disadvantages, as well as marketing strategies that you can implement for your business’s presence.

Throughout this blog, we aim to teach you the importance of digital and traditional marketing, and how including them both in your marketing strategy can improve your business’s success.

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The 10 Types of Traditional Marketing Methods to Implement

Although digital marketing is on the rise, that does not mean that traditional marketing methods have been disregarded. It is often important to go back to basics for an effective marketing strategy.

We will be discussing 10 different types of traditional marketing and how they can still be highly effective for your business even in this technology-based world. Although some methods require a particular setup, traditional marketing can produce good ROI which is within reach. When combined with online marketing methods, traditional marketing techniques can hold high value and relevance.

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The Power of Networking

In this blog, we discussed what networking is and why it is still highly important for businesses, as it is still relevant in the online world. We also spoke about how you and your business can champion networking if it is something you have not experienced, or even if you just want further tips on how to enhance your communication skills.

We also included a section as to how you and your business can use networking within your marketing strategy nowadays since the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant stress and struggles for lots of businesses. The most important section of this blog is where we discuss the dos and don’ts of networking, highlighting the key things you need to do to help you champion your next or first networking event.

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Marketers Are Going Back to Traditional Advertising

People often disregard traditional advertising and its marketing methods, but in this blog, we tell you why marketers are going back to their old ways. We discuss how traditional marketing methods have been discovered to be the most trusted marketing formats, especially print advertising. We also look at how podcasting is rising, as its similarities to traditional radio have attracted many listeners to this great on-demand medium.

Physical traditional marketing methods like magazines have also taken a turn, as many brands also have online audiences, making this method highly valuable for audience reach. Even newspapers are still a great way to advertise as they have become less competitive and much cheaper!

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Why Advertising on TV is Still Relevant in 2022

One traditional advertising medium that is still relevant nowadays is TV, as many of us see it as a trustworthy source and a method that has one of the largest impacts on brand sales. In this blog, we talk about what channels are the best for short-term advertising and how this can benefit your ROI for your business.

Due to consumers viewing habits changing, it’s changed the way that they communicate with businesses. In turn, this gives businesses more opportunities through TV, ensuring their brand campaigns are fully targeted. Two other factors to consider are broadcasting methods and the importance of creativity. If both are done well, you can elevate your brand’s campaign to give you a greater audience reach and engagement.

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Then vs. Now: The History of Traditional Marketing

To wrap up our traditional marketing blogs, we spoke about the evolution of traditional marketing and how different it looks nowadays as opposed to how it started. We also look at the emergence of the Internet and how digital marketing evolved alongside it.

In addition to this, we discussed how the performance of marketing has been measured throughout the years, dating back to the 1950s before any digital mediums were even created. Due to the evolution of marketing, methods and strategies were developed to help aid marketers to collect long-term data, which also helped marketers to understand the relationship between these strategies and sales goals.

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