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Team Bigwave gets active for National Fitness Day

Wednesday 26th September was National Fitness Day. It was a chance for the nation to get active and this included Team Bigwave, who displayed their steely muscles and quirky fashion sense in an energetic game of Bigwave Fitness Bingo.

Tensions were high. National Fitness Day brought out the competitive sporting nature within the office and everyone was eager to be crowned the Bigwave Bingo Kings.

The rules were simple. Participants were split into six teams of four or five and each team was given a scorecard. Numbers were called sporadically throughout the day. When a number on a team’s card was called, they had to make their way to the front and perform the given exercise. Much like this one:

Questionable workouts were made all the more interesting by the comical fancy dress donned by all involved. From army camo to 80’s Jazzercise, people really pulled out all the ‘squats’ to create a sea of fitness-themed outfits.

The day was finally complete with a gruelling bonus challenge to find Bigwave’s Absolute Planker in a timed planking competition (I can personally testify that my abs hurt for two days after).

What is National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day was born out of a desire to highlight the excellent role that exercise plays in the UK.

It sees people of all ages introducing fitness into their day in some capacity. Groups and individuals use this day as an excuse to have a bit of fun with physical activity with dance-offs, treadmill challenges, pilates classes and the likes.

UKActive, the body responsible for National Fitness Day, aims to make it the most active day of the year. It was certainly one of the more active days in Bigwave’s calendar and we’re quite a sporty bunch for the most part.

Who were the winners?

Congratulations to:

Waist Management: Gemma Ross, Sam Ratcliffe and Phil Calvert
Bigwave Fitness Bingo Award

Gemma Ross
Best Dressed Award


Chris Fiddimore
Most Energetic

Lee Potter
Bigwave’s Absolute Planker

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