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RIP Direct Mail?

It wasn’t too long ago that your daily post comprised of a variety of mailings for everything from car leasing to life insurance. But how many direct mail items landed on your desk today? We certainly don’t seem to receive anything like the amount that we did in the past.

How do you react if you receive something personalised in the post these days- does it still go straight in the bin? Or are you curious to see what’s inside?

This leads us to the question at hand- does direct mail have a place in marketing today or should we be evolving to email?

500 million more pieces of direct mail are being opened today than in 2013, equating to an additional £1.6bn being added to the channels ROI, according to new research. The future of direct mail is certainly looking brighter – from the feedback we get from our clients, receiving something by post does seem to be perceived as having a higher value.

According to Royal Mail figures, the average ROI of a mailing is £3.22 of consumer spend per pound spent. 16-24 year olds are most likely to open direct mail – with only 1 in 12 throwing it away unopened – and of the group most likely to bin direct mail straight from the mat, 45-54 year olds, 62% still open it.

With reduced amounts in circulation, competition in the direct mail channel is lower and so a far higher percentage is likely to arrive on the intended recipient’s desk – secretaries are also passing on more to their managers as it is not so common. Data available for direct mail campaigns tends to be of better quality and offers more specifically tailored targeting options than email lists.

Whilst distribution costs are undoubtedly more, better targeting and higher response rates can more than make up the difference. The design team at Bigwave media is constantly coming up with innovative creative solutions to ensure a mail shot has impact – and catches the attention of the recipient.

So we’re not quite ready to bury direct mail – if you want to be seen as a business doing something innovative and different that appeals to your prospects, maybe you should try sending them a mail shot.

To find out more and how direct mail can become part of your integrated marketing strategy, contact Ronnie Halden – Head of Marketing & Creative Services at Bigwave Media Ltd on 01392 492380. Or visit our website to learn more about us.

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