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Free Analytical Tools Available To Your Business.

Social media is a great inexpensive marketing tool that most businesses use alongside their marketing campaign.

The majority of social media channels available to your business deliver free analytical insights when using an account. These analytical tools can be beneficial if used correctly and can help your business utilize your social media account to its full potential.





Facebook insights provide a wide range of analytical tools; this is great for businesses as this free service has the potential to improve your business. Tools include post analytics- where you can see organic and paid reach, post clicks and reactions/comments/shares. Facebook insights help businesses understand how people are engaging with your page, from this you can change your content to suit what your viewers prefer.


Another useful tool that Facebook offer is the insights spreadsheet, the user can set the dates of data that they want to view, and then Facebook gathers all the data on one simple excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes plenty of analytical insight including daily page views and reach. This analytical insight is crucial for seeing what works on your page and what doesn’t. Following on from this data, businesses can base future content around  what has previously worked.



Twitter analytics doesn’t cover as much perimeter as Facebook insights in terms of content analytics, however their analytics section is not one to be missed. At first sight, it provides month-on-month reports, defining the top tweet, top mention and top media tweet of the page. They also provide details of tweet impressions, profile visits and a full analytical insight into the tweets including link clicks, retweets and likes.


Posting on Linkedin is commonly used for Business to Business (B2B) interactions, therefore the analytics page isn’t as in-depth as the Facebook and Twitter analytics. However, LinkedIn provides businesses with everything they need to know about their posts, including: impressions, clicks, interactions and followers acquired. From these insights your business can conclude what posts gain the most engagement and then use this as a framework for future content.




Pinterest is a great social media tool which is solely based on imagery, and with the introduction of Pinterest ads- now is a great time to take advantage of Pinterest analytics. The tool collects data on your pins including impressions, repins, clicks and likes. Using this data before dipping into the Pinterest ads is sensible as you can see what your followers engage the most with and then coincide your ad to the most engaging style. Pinterest also provide you with what devices the users that are viewing your content are on, whether its mobile, tablet or desktop.

Here at Bigwave, we offer a range of social media services including channel audits and strategies available as one off project or as part of a monthly contract. For more information about how we can help you, please contact by either our contact form or phone us on 01392 492380. 

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