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Four tips for persuasive web design

Where once traditional bricks and mortar provided the first glimpse into an organisation’s brand, now people don’t even have to leave the comfort of their living rooms to gain a first impression.

With just seven seconds (Google argues it’s actually 1/10th of a second) to do so, it’s crucial you make it count from the second they reach your home page. Here’s how:

1.       Keep it simple and navigable

People love familiarity. That means your website needs to remain uncluttered, clearly labeled and mobile sites should be responsive. Users shouldn’t have to struggle to locate their next click. Too much scrolling is more effort than it’s worth to most.

Highlight your calls to action and put them in prominent places. 80% of your customers’ attention happens above the fold and 69% on the left-hand side of the screen. Use these areas wisely.

2.       A photo says a thousand words

If you’ve managed to hold your user’s attention then that’s half the battle. Your next job is encouraging them to convert. Photos and graphics will provide an instant insight into your product or service.

Large, eye-catching photos are the most attractive, but only use them when they make sense. Emotions are a powerful tool, so use images that express joy and happiness. Smiling models and bright colours will go a long way.

3.       Content is king

Images go hand-in-hand with text. Your content exists to cement your user’s understanding of your model and guide them through your website easier.

Here are some tips for writing good messages:

  • Write relevant, interesting content in a tone that appeals to your audience
  • Avoid text patterns and add visual breaks
  • Use dark text on light background
  • Add keywords in your headings, tags, and descriptions to help search engines find your website easier
  • Leave enough space between single paragraphs and images
  • Use bold headlines, italicized links and make 16pt. your maximum font size


4.       Make them click

One clearly defined action per screen is enough. Present your call to action with a clear message in a prominent place and trigger your visitor to buy/sign up/share/etc. All your previous motivations end now with your visitor’s action – success!

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