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Digital Planner

We want to make it simple, quick and easy to plan your digital marketing to have the biggest impact on your business.

The Digital Marketing Action Planner is a resource to help you improve your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Action Planner

This resource is designed to help you to:

  • Create an audience or customer journey
  • Promote what you offer better and to more people
  • Create demand, which lead to new customers
  • Build engagement with and demand from your customers
  • Potentially increase your income over time.

This planner sets out an easy-to-use tick list to help you explore and increase your use of digital marketing.

We recommend you work through the planner, ticking off each item you have already actioned or currently do. You’ll then be left with a list of potential actions to focus on.

The actions are suggestions for you to implement at your own pace. Apply as you see relevant to your business and use your audience insight, own capacity and knowledge of what has/hasn’t worked in the past to identify which will be of most use to you as you seek to engage more prospective customers.

If you want to take action but don’t know how to, then contact Contact us and we will see how we can help.

What the FREE planner contains

Customer journeys

In marketing terms, a ‘customer journey’ is simply the path that an individual takes, via touchpoints, in their decision to purchase an item.

Journeys work across many settings.

Digital Marketing Pillars

We’ve aligned this action planner to five pillars:
Social media, Content, Websites & Metrics, Search (SEO) and Email.


Every stage features an action sheet for you to set some objectives and create your plan.

Summaries and idea

Every stage of the journey is summarised, with ideas and example measures or targets.

Further support

Employing over 40 specialist staff, we provide innovative and cost-effective marketing, design and digital services.

If your organisation needs marketing support, then we can provide a range of full services to help.  Please contact Simon Beer via email.

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